Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Well, you will all remember me looking for a silver tea service that I could paint like Mackenzie Childs....I bid on this large set on ebay, coffee tea creamer and sugar and would you believe even a beautiful tray...black and tarnished but beautiful never the less...
You  will remember the little creamer I painted that  gave me the bug to paint a tea set...
My bid of 22.00 won on Ebay and 20.00 for shipping...I knew it would be black and ugly and tarnished, so it would be my first paint project.,....I also knew much of the silver would be worn off and it would be the perfect paint project with the cool grooves that run from top to bottom, so easy for some guide lines....I loved this little set below and thought it was so sweet, it was my inspiration..
 This is what I was going for when I bid on the tea set...I was so excited for mine to arrive...

This is the tray, I started cleaning the center, it was very heavy and very black, but what I noticed as I was cleaning the tray was it was so beautiful and in such great shape...

Well as you can see, I cleaned and cleaned and it was getting more and more beautiful...
I kept thinking, well the next piece will be damaged, and the silver worn off....wrong..

I knew from the Ebay seller that it was a wm Rogers silverplate and he said he did not know the age, just that it had been his grandmothers and that it was over 70 years old but he did not know how old....I  have no idea of the value of it, just know it looks pretty on my table...
Since I was going to paint it anyway, I already expected it to be well worn and probably a little damaged....wrong
What I did not expect was it to be so stunning and in near perfect condition...It is very heavy and I know he spent much more on the shipping then he charged me....
Do you see those ridges, that was what grabbed my attention for my paint project...
My last thought was "well the tray probably does not match the set"  wrong, the tray is the tray that goes with the set...yay
Soooo I have decided not to paint this beautiful set, I just could not do it...way to pretty and I did not want to make a project out of this...what would you do?  Paint or not paint?  I think I might clean it once again with tarnix, then wash with warm soap and water, dry and maybe use carnuba wax to keep it from tarnishing, I am not sure though, I will have to do some more research on how to keep it out to see and keep the tarnish down....maybe someone out there knows?
     Thank you for stopping in for a visit.  Let me know what you think of the coffee tea set...Please leave a comment, I have to get this Christmas decorating done, I am so behind....
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  1. It's so beautiful that I would wait and I know that you will find one that you can paint. You really got a beautiful set and it looks so good on your table - so enjoy it.

  2. Oh My goodness how beautiful. I wouldn't paint it, no way. It is far to valuable and beautiful. Most probably his Grandmothers wedding present. I am wanting to also no whats the best cleaner for my silver ware as normal silvo does wear the silver off,so I'm a little hesitant in using it.

  3. I agree with the others so far -- way too pretty to paint! You'll find another one that works for that. My favorite silver polish is Goddard's Silver Foam. What a find you made!

  4. I am so glad you decided not to paint it. It would have been ruined. I love it and it is absolutely gorgeous. I bet it looks great on your table. Would love to find a set like that for me. TFS. ana
    By the way do you decorate for Christmas. I would love to see your home decorated for the holidays.

  5. It is a beauty but to be honest I have never heard of the silver plate wearing off from cleaning. If it is that pretty after 70 years I don't think you have to worry! Diannttha

    1. Unfortunetly with time and cleanings it does wear off and need to be redipped....sterling silver is the only silver that is a forever silver...

  6. Beautiful set, Phyllis...glad you have decided not to paint it. I am sure you could find a suitable set in a second hand store to paint. I wouldn't use Tarnix, it is really harsh, try Wright's Silver Polish or something made specifically for silver.

  7. Hi Phyllis , just beautiful, I would just leave it as is , enjoy dear , it is lovely , thanks for sharing :)

  8. Ha! I was holding my breath through your entire post praying that you would not paint it...though I must say that your painted pieces are beyond amazing! I can not believe how gorgeous this set is! It is amazing and you got it for such a steal!!! Enjoy it!!! All the best! Nicole

  9. So beautiful! Don't paint it! Keep looking for a junker set -- you will find one and it will be outstanding with your talents.

  10. Have you been dipping into the Egg Nog?! NO to painting this stunning set! I too, was hoping you didn't paint the set as I was scrolling thru your post, so save this one and keep your eyes open for something else to paint. Have a Happy Holiday and enjoy your treasure for years to come!

  11. hi Phyllis, After all that polishing, I can see why you are reluctant to paint it! I have painted some of my wedding silver that was just sitting in storage~the first time I did it I was sure the heavens were going to rumble and I would be struck by lightning for my sin! I'm not really kidding, I was terrified! BUT, it turned out so well I painted a few more pieces...and now I USE them all the time. There is still plenty more to play with in the closet. I say, enjoy your new silver purchase and then one day you will decide it needs to be white with red polka dots to match your tablescape!

  12. You revealed a beautiful coffee and tea service with your elbow grease and persistence.When I see something old and lovely, I wonder who used it and for what occasions. I hope the lady who owned it used it for tea parties and celebrations.

  13. Oh how absolutely beautiful! What a treasure you unearthed! I love the ribbed design too. After all that hard work I say enjoy for a while...and later...when you get a creative urge...you can paint it then. Enjoy!

  14. I think the same as you, I am always thinking of it's history...maybe it was a wedding gift and was saved for special occasions (what ever those are) I like to think it was her connection to the upper crust Nob Hill high society she longed for...Oh my gosh I am writing a book...lol

  15. Phyllis,
    I am so glad that you did not paint this gorgeous silver. You know I have been collecting silver these past few months on my trips to see my daughters. My silver is a hodgepodge of this and that , but I love it anyway. I am polishing mine up and using it in my Christmas decorating.
    Your set is so beautiful!

    1. The silver pieces do look pretty with the bright red Christmas and candles....

  16. The tea set is lovely! I'd be hard-pressed to decide what to do. I love MacKenzie Child's work as well. When I was a student at Wells College in the NY Finger Lakes area, he was a professor there! The pitcher you painted is gorgeous--a whole set would be so much fun.

  17. Oh, I have to say, my heart was breaking as I was reading this when you were still thinking of painting it. It is a stunning silver set! I can't believe what beautiful shape it is in!! So glad you decided not to paint it. I think the painted ones are so cute but, this set deserves to shine with its original beauty!! thanks for sharing at TTF. Have a wonderful week! Oh, I am featuring this post today on the TTG FB page. https://www.facebook.com/thethriftygroove

  18. This set is gorgeous! I am so glad that you are not painting it!! Thanks for joining TTF this week. I see that Diann featured your post on FB!!

  19. Hi Phyllis! Oh, what a beautiful tea set! No, I just don't know if I could paint these pieces! It just so gorgeous! Have a nice weekend.
    Be a sweetie,Shelia ;)

  20. Wow! Gorgeous tea set and what a find, but PLEASE, do NOT paint it. It's so beautiful the way it is. :) Can you tell I love old silver?

  21. Fabulous set! Complete, ... no way do you paint this one. Some old ratty thing will come along, but this has too much history and character. GORGEOUS!!!!

  22. The set is beautiful! I'm glad you decided not to paint it! I have a similar set but it's tarnished. You've given me inspiration to polish it and see what's underneath!

  23. I'm a little late to the party. I too am a MC lover. I bought an antique table that I was going to MC up but when I got it all cleaned up I just couldn't do it. The inlaid design on the top is too stunning. I would not be able to paint this tea set either. It's just too fabulous! Now you have me on a quest for a set of my own. I was the lucky finder of a beautiful silver punch bowl this summer that I got for a song. I have people in line that want to buy it off me. The answer is a big fat no, I love it that much. I am so glad you didn't paint this particular set.

  24. You made the right decision NOT to paint it. I was all for it till you showed us how beautiful perfect your set was.
    You can find another set to paint

  25. PHYLLIS Te han quedado estupendas; pero digo yo ...
    ¿Estás bien de salud? me extraña que no hayas puesto nada para estas próximas Fiestas... En fin quiero pensar que es algo pasajer, pero me acuerdo de ti

  26. I am with most other responders...no paint...even though you do paint beautifully!!!!
    Also, no Tarnex...it is an extremely harsh cleaner. If you use Wright"s Silver Polish or something similar, you will be amazed at how much more beautiful your pieces will be.
    Many thanks for sharing with us....
    The Silver Lady,

  27. You know I would paint it!! It is just perfect for MC Checks!! I say look at it for a while, then paint it (but most of your readers disagree) I buy most of my silver at Goodwill or Salvation Army, so look there for a piece to paint if you just can't bring yourself to paint this one! Thanks for the "shout out" in your last post! Happy New Year! ~ patti

  28. I love the idea of painting it. But again... it's such a beautiful set I think I would wait and try and find another one to do your painting project. It truly is a beautiful set. Hugs!

  29. Definitely NOT Paint! That is gorgeous. I believe I have a similar one that looks the same as yours when you got it. It's been in storage for YEARS but you've inspired me now to get to work to clean it. Thank you!

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