Monday, May 17, 2010


It's great to be back and doing a post....It has been one of those hectic months with lots of spring cleaning and organizing.....Hosting Mothers Day (more about that later) for around 40 people and dealing with this annoying carpul tunnel in my wrists....isn't it always something....
Yes I finally got the Bee flatware and I have to tell you it is just so beautiful, the pictures aren't enough, they have a wonderful sheen and feel to them, love love them...they will go nicely with the bee things I have had for many years.....

I have had the Bee glasses for years, the small one is great for juices and the taller one for anything....

Well I didn't say I already had everything bees, when I was ordering the flatware I saw these plates and my heart just sank, you know I just had to have them...I thought I showed a lot of restraint with only purchasing dinner and salad plates......what do you think, don't you just love the honeycomb..the dinner plate with the honeycomb in the center.... wow

The salad plate with the raised bee in the center, love that.....

Don't miss the bee on the bowl........

Bee utilful napkin rings make their place with these napkins I made from fabric from the $2.00 fabric store...I also used Yvonne's tutorial on mitering the edges of the napkins, Yvonne's blog is Stone GableBe careful, you will get hooked on her blog, she does weekly menus and her tutorials are the best ever...
I love that Yvonne knows the correct size to make napkins, anywhere from 20x20 to 22x22 I have always made mine 20x20 and I appreciate her reminding me how to miter the corners, she has that tutorial on her blog on sidebar....Also a great shout out to Yvonne for those wonderful cinnamon rolls made from refrigerated bread sticks, I made them for Mothers Day and she was right, make sure you make a lot of them because they go like hot cakes....I will make them again and again, Thanks Yvonne...I will be attempting the daisy cupcakes from her shower party, can't wait....they are simply beautiful....

The place mats were a wonderful buy at the GW for 1.00 each, just right for the Bees...This place setting is for my sister Bobbie, she is having an operation tomorrow, wish her good luck and prayers, I know she will be fine...she is strong and has a wonderful supportive family....

I love the Rogers Silverplate water pitcher, also a good buy at the GW...I should have taken a before picture of it, it was so black with tarnish, love the beautiful shine....

The sweet little brass Bee napkin holders are from World Market, love their detail and love mixing the brass with the silver with the stainless....

Don't worry BEE happy.......

The Bee decanters are from Ross, love the way they match the Neiman Marcus plates, strange that one place wouldn't sell it all......

They were such a good price I purchased one large and two small. Although I don 't use decanters on my counters, I think they look great on the table and will be wonderful for flowers on future tablescapes...

Well you gotta have an orange tree, it is Orange County ya know ......I am always on the lookout for unusual things for centerpieces, you never know what will be just right till you try it.

The glass pitcher that holds the cranberry/raspberry juice is very old and don't remember where it came from, maybe a garage sale, it is a great size...

Of course we couldn't forget to mention Mr. S. after all he is my biggest fan and loves to have his place card on the table.....oh and don't worry he knows I am his biggest fan too......

The small little tree place card stands are from michaels.....

This has been a fun post with all the Bees, and whether you use them all on one setting or spread them around they are always fun to add to any setting....I would be remiss if I did not mention my dear friend Gloria @happy to be what a great lady and wonderful friend, she has the most wonderful antiques and stories that will keep you always coming back for more. She has been a little under the weather, I know all she needs is a shot of Wild Turkey and a little rest....take care Gloria and thanks for being such good friend and having a wonderful blog for me to run away to.

OK lets eat.....

Thanks for stopping by and spending some time AROUND THE HOUSE....I hope you liked the post, enjoyed yourself and maybe got some creative ideas for your next tablescape....Of course thank you my friend Susan @between naps on the porch for hosting her Tablescape Thursday, see you all again soon and remember DON'T WORRY, BEE HAPPY ....Phyllis

Bee Napkin rings from World Market
Place Mats and water pitcher Goodwill
Bee plates and Flatware Neiman Marcus
Bee Decanters from Ross
Candle holders Pottery Barn


  1. So cheerful and happy! Love the colors and all the bee's!! The silverware is awesome, where did you order it from?? Wonderful style!

  2. What a fun tablescape. You did a good job showing off your Bees. Such a cute theme for summer. I'll check out the blog you mentioned for the napkins. I always do a rolled hem on the serger, but want to see how she does them.
    I have missed your posts, so glad you are back.

  3. This is just bee~utiful, Phyllis! : ) LOL! I know, bad. But someone had to do it. I love all your bee inspired tableware. Love the topiary place cards, I may have to make a trip to Michael's sooner than I planned. I think my hubby would be very uncomfortable, though, if I did a table like this ~ he hates bees, with a passion. Maybe something less aggressive, like butterflies, he'd be okay with!

  4. Oh Phyllis, I have missed your wonderful tablescapes So much! This one is indeed "Bee utilful"!!
    Don't you love the weight of our Napoleon Bee flatware? I used mine last week & it is rapidly becoming my favorite. I don't have anywhere near all the special bee items that you own. Just the glassware.
    The orange tree makes a spectacular statement & really makes the eye travel. GREAT job, as always.
    Welcome Back...looking forward to hearing about that Mothers Day for 40!!! Yikes!!

  5. Back to tell you that the link to Gloria's site is incorrect. Sorry!
    You need to use

  6. Beautiful table...excellent use of color with the yellow and touches of red. Your setting took my breath away, it was so well put together.

  7. Your theme is so much fun. You've created a bright and sunny table that looks so inviting. Thanks for inviting us all over.

  8. It's a beautiful table setting! I love all the spring yellows and the little touch of floral. That is one way to get the napkins you want... make them yourself!

  9. I am so glad you purchased the flatware to compliment the rest of your bee items. This is such a happy table. You were as busy as a bee to put it all together for us.

  10. Phyllis, I'm so glad you are back! We've missed you and your wonderful tables!

    This one is no exception as I love everything from the "bee" theme to the sunny yellow colors. Love your little topiary trees, too. Some like that found their way into my cart a while back. Don't you just LOVE them???

    And your napkins are adorable. I'm going to have to check out Yvonne's tutorial.

    Loved this SO much...


    Sheila :-)

  11. Phyllis, I absolutely LOVE your tablescape! The flatware is adorable! So are the glasses and plates and the napkins are beautiful! Your color combinations are really pretty too.

  12. I'm going to send your post to my Aunt who is fighting blindness, she used the bee to represent her fight against blindness.

  13. Another beautiful table setting - Great job!!
    Enjoy your week.

  14. How adorable. It all goes together so well for a beautiful and inviting setting.

  15. BRAVO BRAVO BRAVO!! Girl just how great can you get with these tables...Hey I want an autograph book when you release it my Dear friend WOW!! unreal the way you come up with these each one is a total work of art...Like everyone says it's really BEE-Beautiful girl...and even your music matches it ha ha!! Thanks for the shout know I also think the world of you girl...I pray all is well on your piece of Calif today...Much Love to ya...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  16. Phyllis,

    This is absolutely beautiful..I have been admiring these plates for some time...I collect old vintage beehives and honeypots and these plates are just divine. May have to add these to my collection! I love all the accessories you chose and the place card holders and napkin rings are my favorites. One of the prettiest tables I've seen! Thanks for sharing!!

    Miss Bloomers

  17. Bee-U-Tee-Ful! Love all your bees...pretty plates.

  18. Everything looks just gorgeous! I love everything about it!~Patti

  19. Hi Phyllis! Oh, what a wonderful Bee table! You have just everything "Bee"! Your plates are adorable, the flat ware, napkin holders and your napkins! I love it all. Your orange tree centerpiece is lovely!
    Oh, you're so good.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  20. This table is the bees knees!!! I love it! It's so fresh and bright.
    Jane (artfully graced)

  21. Well I'm one jealous girl! I have been wanting to put together a bee tablescape ever since I got my little bee napkin rings. They are just like yours. I have not had any luck finding any of the cute things like you did.

    I didn't even know we lived so close to each other. I'm over by South Coast Plaza.

    I have been looking everywhere for those glasses and flatware.

    How long ago did you buy the canisters? I wonder if they still have them? I know my Ross doesn't as I was just there.

    Those plates are to die for!

    Hey, I have those placecard holders too. Great minds think a like!


  22. Ok. I'm BEEyond jealous! Love it! Those plates and flatware are to die for! Great post, as always :)!!

  23. LOVE THIS! I've debated and debated on ordering that bee flatware! It adds up to a lot with the S&H to Canada but I'm so tempted! Your tablescape is fabulous with so many bee accessories! I really like the trio of bee decanters you got - like you said, they will come in handy for lots of things. I was surprised when you said you made the napkins - gorgeous! and they go so well with your 'scape. The placecard trees are a wonderful touch! I'm going back to take in more details of all you've put together!


  24. Such a delightful tablescape, Phylllis. I can hear the buzzing. Bee...autiful bees! I saw those plates at Horchow and I like them but did not buy. I settled for something similar in chargers but with roosters instead of bees. I love the bright yellow colors on your table...Christine

  25. Great table! So alive with color. It's just wonderful. I don't know where to begin. I love how the plates and cannisters go together and how you used the cannisters as centerpieces. The vibrancy of the fabric that you used for the napkins is outstanding. I can't believe you made them. That Yvonne is something! But, I think my most favorite item is the bee napkin ring. If I had a World Market near me I'd bee (LOL!) out the door!

    I would imagine you are asked the same question I am, "Where do you keep it all?". I'm hosting a meme in honor of my anniversary on June 2nd entitled just that, "Where do you keep it all?".I sure hope you'll come and join us.

    - The Tablescaper

  26. Good morning, My Dear friend..Hope all is well in your world today...Hugs and smiles gl♥ria

  27. Phyllis, I got a big smile on my face when I clicked here and found you had a new post. I've missed you. And, like you, I love Yvonne and Gloria, too.

    Your table setting is gorgeous. I wish I could "bee" there with you.

    I want some of those little tree place card stands. Where in Michaels do you find them?

  28. Great tablescape! Beautiful things does make us happy, don't they!


  29. Wonderful didn't forget a thing...I love all the bee stuff, those plates are fabulous...the little place card holders are adorable and in the background that cat picture is the best....I love the cat just at the bottom of the picture...

  30. This is a fabulous post. It must be so fun to have a theme for your dish collection. I love Yvonne's tutorials...used one of her fabulous recipes myself this week.

  31. Oh, I am sighing with delight! Your photographs are spectacular, and I especially love those honeycomb-and bee-patterned plates -- what a find! Those drinks garnished with the orange slices and raspberries look so delicious -- you're making me thirsty!

  32. Your tablescape is fabulous! I love all your bees! It is just perfection. Your little place card holders are so cute too. I have been eyeing that flatware too.

  33. Bee still my heart! I have a secret passion for all things bees! So BEE-U-TEE-FULL!!!!! You carried out every last detail just perfectly! I recieved bee candle holders form WS and I am planning on doing a bee table this summer. But your's is BEE-yond stunning. It is a stinging winner! Love the plates!

    And thank you for your kind remarks and shout out! You are so kind!

  34. So pretty - bright and cheerful! Love your bee-u-tiful table! Who could possibly be grumpy at a table like this?

  35. Your table looks great! Everything is so wonderfully coordinated. It actually looks happy!

  36. OH!! I am SO IN LOVE!! This post just filled my day with SUNSHINE!! I love your "BEE" collection!! XXOO

  37. love it all, i have all your same pieces too, too beeutiful to pass up! such a fresh and pretty table, darling setting~

  38. Bee-utiful! This table is so adorable I don't know where to start! I've been admiring the bee silverware whenever I see it on Susan's blog; I love the glasses with bees and the GREAT bee plates! Sooooo cute!!!
    Great job on the napkins; I love the colors and the pattern.

  39. I LOOOVE this table! I have the bee glasses and have been COVETING the flatware for AGES!!!! Your table is indeed BEE-U-TI-FUL!!!! I love the plates and canisters, have never seen them before! The floral napkins are perfect and I love the napkin rings too!!!! Welcome back!!!! XO, Pinky

  40. Bee-u-ti-ful!!! Love everything about this.

  41. Welcome back, Phyllis! This bee theme is out of this world! You tied everything perfectly. Can't believe you found those bee jars to match your plates! What luck!

  42. This is just perfect, love bees, so happy and such a good message! Best wishes to your sister!

  43. What a cheery and fun table! I have been coveting that bee flatware for quite some time. I love how everything looks so great on your white table. Your napkins are so pretty. You have inspired me to try to make some of my own.

  44. Hi sweetie, It's nice to see you back and doing better. I know how bother some real life can be. I adore your tablescape. The bee napkin rings stole my heart.. your tablescapes always make me smile... hugs ~lynne~

  45. I love your tablescape - inspiring me to also do some pretty napkins !!

  46. Where to start, lol??! I LOVE all your lovely bees. Way too cute and your orange tree reminds me of growing up in San the days when OC was all orange groves! This is a great tablescape :)


  47. it is a very beautiful table setting, i will give you that, but bees and i are not friends. lol. i do love the honeycomb texture, for sure, and would love to sit down there and drink some lemonade.

    thank you so much for your kind words on my first tablescape, and i am so so glad you chose to follow. i truly appreciate it!

  48. I'm never, ever, ever disappointed when I visit here! This table is one of a kind! Thanks for sharing your wonderful ideas with us.

  49. I'm very fond of bees myself, and have absolutely enjoyed your tablescape - and the wonderful music to go with it! There's a lot of color on the table, and yet it doesn't overwhelm! This is so beautiful!

  50. O, as always, this is a beautiful table.
    I do hope you join in on the meme on June 2nd..can't remember the name now (on my sidebar)..anyway it's everyone showing where they store ALL THEIR DISHES...It will be fun!!

  51. This is just so cheerful and pretty!~ I especially love those bees/ bee motif dishes, and the citrus tree also!.., You've created a delightfully masterful tablescape vignette!

    Do please also pop by for 'a splosh of tea sometime'; I would love to have you partake with my tea parties!..,

    Cheers and hugs from Wanda Lee @ The Plumed Pen

  52. What a delightfully fun table. Love the bee motif plates and canisters . . . well , I love everything about this table. Sorry to be so late visiting. Glad I didn't miss this one. Great job! ~ sarah

  53. Anyone would be happy to sit at this table! So cheerful and fun! The napkins are lovely!
    I have bee glasses in green and clear, but not the silverware.
    You are the bees knees! :)

  54. Oh my goodness, I have missed several of your posts and am so glad I am TRYING to go through my blog rol;l and catch up somewhat! This is delightfully BEE utiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love every element, the napkins are lovely, the flatware something I STILL want, the plates gorgeous, it us all fantastic! XO, Pinky

  55. Love ~ absolutely love your bee dishes, in fact your bee everything. I used to be a beekeeper and in fact I did a post on it recently, so you can imagine how much I am coveting them right now. Just found your blog and I'm your newest follower. I also envy you living in Southern CA. My brother lives in San Diego and we love visiting him. Can you tell I am green with envy:) Love your blog!

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