Sunday, January 11, 2009


I love the wonderful breakfast plates with the words around the rim...I found them at TJMaxx. The cup saucer and bowl are seperate, but I thought they mixed well together, some have cows and some have pigs, I believe there is another chicken one, just not sure...It was just the right setting for the wonderful little red egg cups, so perfect for this time of year. The egg cups came eight in a box and are from Steinmart..

The silver cow and chicken should be accompanied by a pig, but I looked and looked and could not find the pig, I will continue my search at the Ross stores till I find him, have you ever had that happen to frustrating, oh well...sometimes it is the search that is the adventure...
I remember my parents began collecting Avon bottles when they became very popular and very valuable years and years ago...they must have collected hundreds...well needless to say, they devalued quickly. You can only imagine cases of all types of Avon bottles( in unopened in their original boxes) everywhere. I remember saying to her, "wow what a waste, all those Avon bottles and they never became valuable again." she just said "no it wasn't a waste, cause we had such a good time hunting them, then after finally finding the one we wanted, it was fun negotiating the price and then it was wonderful adding it to our collection". Well, I guess thats the heart of a collector....Isn't that what it is all about...

The plates say, sausage, ham, tomatoes, eggs... The bread plates say marmalade and buttered toast.....I think they look so french farm.......

The milk bottles are from ebay...I saw Cat Cora,( one of my favotite Chefs) use milk bottles for one of her presentations. She put them on a long white plate with some cookies for dessert. She made a Lousiana milk punch in the bottle and it was served with a straw. Wow it was just so darned cute...Well that was quite a quest to recreate that....I found the small bottles on line, very inexpensive. Then I found a sleeve of the paper lids, so cheap. I stenciled the word milk on the front of each bottle using glass paint. The instructions said not to use to heavy or it would peel off, I would like to find a stamp of a cow head and use the glass paint and put that above the word milk....what do you think....I may have to make the milk work a darker red...they are fun....

You can see the picture of the little pigs on this cup......

I love the bloody mary glasses, they are from my niece Deana, they were going into a garage sale and I thought, these look like great bloody mary glasses, or beer glasses, not too big not too small... Thanks Deana......

The pie plate and dome are from Pier 1, I have had for several years and is so handy for all kinds of occasions...

I love the buttered toast plate...

The bowl for the apples is from Marshals I purchased a couple of years ago and use for so many different things.

The napkin rings are from my sister Bobbie. I had seen them on someones blog and thought they were just so cute and they looked like they were silver...That is the day I went to my sister's house looking for the remember the tureen from a couple of postings back. Right there on her counter was a bag of napkin rings and she said "oh you can have these, I pulled them out of the cupboard for you" who would have thought, it was the same ones on the blog that

I use this little tree all over the house to bring a little sunshine....


Silverware is from Ross and it was 7.00 for a service for 4....good deal ........see the cute cows..

Now cute pigs...

You can really see the milk tab tops in this picture..... don't ya just love um..

Cows, Cows, Cows...

As you all know I do love layering and playing in the dishes....

I am getting hungry now...

You gotta have fruit...You know you would love some warm wheat toast with marmalade...MMMmmmmm

I've gotta get some celery stalks for my bloody mary and I will be all set....

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  1. This is so beautiful! You take the best pics. The red apples really add that final pop of red and make your setting look luscious! Love the milk bottles.

  2. I love the colors, and the plant looks amazing on the table spread, what a wonderful set-up.

    I love it.

    *®*´¯`•.¸¸.♫• Happy Holidays ♫•.¸¸.•´¯`*®*
    (¸.•´ (¸.+´♥♥¸.+´
    (¸.•´ (¸.+´♥ Heidi ♥)

  3. I just love your tablescapes and the little black cat poking his head up in the pictures makes me smile every time :)

    The farm house theme is so much fun and I love the idea of the milk bottles!! Beautiful!

    I can't wait to see what you do next time!

  4. Such a beautiful cheerful tablescape. Everything is so co-ordinated and fun.

  5. I love these colors. What a amazing combination of colors and textures. Love it! Those milk bottles...what a great idea.

  6. How creative, colorful and cheerful!! I love everything from the lettered plates and milk containers to the cute egg cups and napkin rings! How fun! :-)

    ~Oh, and I adore Cat Cora also!!

  7. Well this is just too cute. It is fresh, fun and really just jumps out and says, "sit down and stay awhile". I love it.


  8. What a pretty table setting! I really like the picture of the kitty peeking over the frame edge. :) Even tho I am not much of a breakfast person, I would love to sit there and have a few bites to eat. Do you make your faux food?

  9. I love your tablescapes. What a nice combination of color and the milk containers remind me of California. I have bottles from my trip to California.

  10. Again, I just want to sit down and join you! It is the most charming table! The milk bottles, china, silverware, napkin rings...all perfect!
    Oh, please hand me that bloody mary!
    It is true-the search for the desired item is what it's all about!

  11. Great photography! Your table setting is so it all!~Patti

  12. Well, dear one, I am here to tell you that this is the cutest table I have EVER is just flat precious and I want every thing you have here. Now, I am on a mission to find those dishes, milk bottles, .....everything!! I've never seen anything so cute in my entire life.
    I go thru blogs and find the best rooms..rooms that I would like to live with and blog about them. I know THIS precious table is going to be right in there with all the rest....
    I am also signing up to follow..I don't want to miss another post of yours!!
    xo bj
    xo bj

  13. Wonderful! That would cheer me up in the morning!!The milk bottles are too cute.
    I save the Frappucino bottles to use..they come in handy..but I don't have clever..
    Great tablescape!

  14. Such fun! The rooster and cow are great, but I'm really falling for the plates with the words around the edge.

    I had Bloody Marys in my post this week as well!

    Have a blessed Thanksgiving.

    - The Tablescaper

  15. Brandy Milk Punch, Bloody Mary's, I'm there! Love this tablescape - just fabulous. Add some mimosas and we could all be in a New Orleans courtyard!

    Christi @ A Southern Life

  16. Oh my! I need a nap! I am overcome! I think this is just the best, cutest, most colorful tablescape I have seen! I just love all of it. YOur detail is fantastic! The plates, the flatware, the milk bottles, the farm animals... just everything is perfect. You really put something very special together. I would love to be invited for breakfast, I just might have to stay through lunch!
    Thank you for this winner!
    Happy and blessed Thanksgiving!

  17. You're making the thirsty for a Bloody Mary, Phyllis.....actually, your whole table makes me hungry! Your plates & animals are darling &
    I love all the whiteness of your home. It always looks so clean & fresh & crisp! Just beautiful!

  18. Gorgeous!! Such a clean cheerful look to this tablescape!! Love the animals and the reds--so much fun here!

  19. Cute, cute, cute! These breakfast dishes are great. I love the black and red and all the little animals around on the table. This one is a winner!

  20. Such a cute tablescape and you have some great finds! I used to have a sheltie. Your shelties are so pretty!

  21. Cute breakfast table. Love your black and white dishes and the milk bottles are a great touch.

  22. Hi Phyllis! SURPRISE! :) I have been so busy getting things prepared for Christmas, I've had a hard time making my rounds! I sure do appreciate you stopping by though so I could come right over and see this incredible breakfast! LOVE LOVE LOVE all of it, but especially that buttered toast plate! How fun is that? Oh, you definitely have the gift of putting it all together, that's for sure! :)

  23. Pssst! Email me and I'll send you a special sneek peek at the peacock tree before I post it. I just finished it tonight. :)

  24. I LOVE, love, love this table. I love everything about it. What a cute eating area, too. Love the wall paper, the curtains and the kitty picture. I'd sign up to follow you, but I already do anyway. :) :)
    This is my favorite tablescape today.

  25. What a cute little farm table. I just love the little cow and rooster. Thanks for sharing and happy TT to you!

  26. Oh, what an adorable idea with the milk bottles. The dishes are cute, and love the silver cow and rooster. You've got it all together. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  27. This one is just too cute. I so miss you and coming over just to see what you have done with house next. This is a great way for me to see it whenever I get homesick. I can't wait to see you at Chistmas. Luv you Aunt Phyl. P.S. Congrats on becoming a Great Grandma recently!!

  28. that was just ADORABLE! i almost bot the cow dishes and now that i see your darling table i wish i had seen all you cute pieces!

  29. Wow,
    cute ... cute... cute!
    You have such a way with your tablescapes! Each week your tables are stunning. Your photography skills are fantastic! thanks for sharing... Dee Dee

  30. Love those plates! You did a great job layering everything here ~ I would love to have brunch at a table like this.

  31. Hi Phyllis. Oh, what a wonderful table! Your dishes are so precious, the milk bottles and those cute little red egg cups! You really know how to set a lovely table and your photography is amazing! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  32. What a bright cheerful table. From the egg cugs, to the milk bottles, every thing is just so sweet. The photographs are incredible.

  33. Hi Phyllis,
    That is a great table setting! I love the color combo, so fresh and clean and inviting. Your eclectic collection of black and white plates is fun and I love the cows - so cute! I would love eating breakfast at this table, taking a really long time to enjoy the paper and a cup of tea and a cold bloody mary!!!
    Hope you can stop by for visit sometime.
    Heidi - Heart and Home

  34. What a fun, cheerful -- delightful tablescape -- I would love to eat breakfast here -- so cute!

  35. That is just such a darn cute table! Wouldn't a pre-schooler just love sitting there and learning to read from all the dishes and the milk bottles? What fun. Thanks for sharing today!

  36. I love this breakfast table setting. I haven't seen those dishes before and they are fantastic. The milk bottles are a great idea for the table too. I love the dining area too with the striped wall covering above your chair rail.

  37. I came over from bj's blog and what a treat. I love this table setting, it looks so fresh and welcoming. I love the use of milk bottles in so many things these days, it reminds me of going to the dairy when I was a child. Adorable plates too.
    I'll be stopping back often.

  38. BJ sent me and I am so glad she did! Gorgeous table setting, and I can see I will be spending some time checking out the rest of your blog! So good to meet you:>

  39. This is just about the prettiest and cutest breakfast table I have ever seen, love everything on many unusual items..Christine

  40. LOVE IT ALL!

    I think the yellow striped wall paper is actually neutral and can work so well with many color combinations. Yellow and white together is so charming. Of course the dishes are adorable!

    I am actually a follower, but was visiting BJ when I saw that she was sharing your tablescape and clicked on over.

  41. I just stopped in to say that I just HAD to show this cute table on MY blog today. Everyone sure enjoyed seeing it....

  42. This is one of the cutest tables EVER! Outstanding job! Love it ALL!

    My first time to your blog, but it won't be my last.


    Sheila :-)

  43. What an incredible setting!! It does looks so French farmhouse!! Love all of it. You are so great at layering all the pieces together. I need to find some of that flatware. Beautiful, and fun to look at!!

  44. Love your tablescape! The printed dishes are so nice, the mild bottles too, and I like the geranium with the fruit around the bottom. You have a lovely blog...Deb

  45. This really is a very nice tablescape, Phyllis. I love looking at it. Anyway, you mentioned you wanted to be in Pay It Forward. My first commenter is a new blogger and she does not want to participate yet. Would you like to take her place and be one of my recipients? Please let me know. Thanks....Christine

  46. I understand, Phyllis. It is such a busy time of the year. Happy Thanksgiving!...Christine


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