Saturday, November 23, 2013


Isn't she just a little beauty....I am such a fan of Mackenzie Childs, I thought I would try and duplicate their design on this little old creamer I had in the cupboard...of course it isn't perfect but it was a lot of fun and felt creative...
This is how the cute little creamer started out...a little white creamer with some detail...and some crazing, but a cutie never the less...
I think the tip I would give you is after you wash and dry the item to be painted to make sure your project is very clean for the paint to adhere, be careful not to handle it too much with your bare hands as your painting it because the oils off your hands make the paint hard to stick on  the surface.  I made this mistake so  I had to reapply more paint and it made the surface a little rougher...
You can see the glass paint pens from Michaels on the table, although I did like them, I think I would like to try painting something with a small brush and not the pen....

I think  using a brush would make the surface smoother and would not require you to reapply more paint...
I looked over Mackenzie Child's  web sight and got so many great creative ideas...especially for candle holders.    This is a picture of the painting of an old silverplate tea set.  So many of the blogs I have found on line and Pinterest...Isn't this just so cute from  if you search her web sight you will find this set and even more...Doesn't this look like the funest thing to paint...I adore how she did the lid and left some other areas silver...I'm gonna paint the tip on the lid red like Mackenzie does....what do you think?   First I have to find a little tea

I did find what looks like a cute large older tea set from ebay for 22.00...tray and all, I cant wait till it arrives, I think it will be the perfect candidate for this fun project...I did  have a couple of these sets around, over the years as we are thinning out things, they were thinned, sure wish I had kept...
I will find a place for this little sweetie in my cupboard...although I don't think Mackenzie Childs has anything to worry about,  it was a lot of fun and helped fill that need to create, just for awhile though.....Another lady that does a wonderful job of painting and transforming is she has so many creative projects that are so fun and professional, I love this blog. I am not sure I could keep up with her.....
I think I might just paint a plate or a candle stick, that would be fun ...Oh no I have fallen hard for the Courtly Check .....
So many cute things you can paint like the checks or use your own imagination...
This was such a fun project, a cool thing to do when I watch tv in the evening...  Thanks for stopping by  I love it when you leave a comment and let me know what you think...Mackenzie Childs knock off painting is so assured she has nothing to worry about in me taking over her 
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  1. Hi Phyllis , great job and well done , thanks for sharing:)

  2. Well Phyllis, you never cease to amaze me at your talents. I love the little pitcher and you did a fabulous job on your very first one. Guess you will be on the look out for a little tea set LOL - good luck on your hunt.

  3. I love the little pitcher that you painted, and chuckled when you said it isn't perfect. My authentic pieces are hand painted and aren't perfect either. Good luck finding your future project! Thanks for the tip.

  4. Adorable - I think you did a great job. I do appreciate the tips - I have thought about painting some chargers (I think a lot, but I do not necessarily "do" a lot - lol!!).

  5. How creative you are! I've been to the McKenzie Child store in Manhattan and this pitcher could easily pass for one of hers. I'm inspired, XOXO

  6. Bravo!! outstanding my dear friend..Many Thanksgiving Blessing..from my mountain to yours..Hugs and smiles Gloria

  7. I have never seen mackenzie childs ceramics before... it is chic and you did wonderful work painting the little pitcher with the glass paint pens! The gold polka dots are adorable!

  8. Your little creamer turned out so cute! This IS addicting -- I a did a lot of this in my two previous houses. I should dig up some photos, if I can find them. I have decided that after Christmas I am going to do my kitchen butcher block in that style. Look out!

  9. Wowzers! This little pitcher looks gorgeous! You did such a great job on it and I wouldn't have known it wasn't a MC! :) You keep up your creativity.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  10. You did a fantastic job! Really GREAT job and I love how it turned out. Don't let bj over at Sweet Nothings see it or she will be driving to your house to steal it in the dead of the night. LOVE it!!!! xo Diana

  11. LOVE . . . LOVE . . . LOVE MacKenzie Childs dishes, actually anything MC. I have the black and white tea kettle and actually, the painting is not perfect on it.

    I think you did a FANTASTIC job on your creamer. Maybe after the holidays I will try a MC knock off.

  12. That little pitcher is as cute as it can be, Phyllis, and I think you did a great job on it! I think you should display it in a very prominent place where you see it often and can pat yourself on the back for a job well done! :)

    Thanks so much for taking the time to comment on my Santa Train Breakfast post. I really appreciate it. ~Zuni

  13. Great job Phyllis! McK-C is so pricey, you are smart to paint your own! Have fun, endless possibilities!

  14. Hi…I love how this turned out…and as many others have pointed out to you, MC items are not perfect - -MC artists are just people like you and me…and they have been trained to paint in this specific manner! Did you have to bake your pitcher to set the paint? Thanks for the "shout-out"!!

    1. Yes, I followed the instructions on the paint pen 375 for 40 min..shut oven off and let cool till cold then take your blog...

  15. Wow this is wonderful you did a great job!

  16. I am absolutely loving your creamer. I think you did a fantastic job of painting it. Considering this was your first try at working with this medium on this kind of surface - it is gorgeous. I would like to try the candle holders myself. I love black and white - it looks so dramatic.... Candy

    Te han quedado estupendas...

  18. Oh my word, this is absolutely stunning. I love it. Fabulous tutorial too. Thanks so much for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  19. This is AMAZING!!! You did a fabulous job! Thanks so much for sharing the tutorial.

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  21. Hi Phyllis - I happened to stumble across this blog post by searching on MacKenzie-Childs in Google. I thought you might like to see another knock off... Yours is just beautiful! Thanks for sharing it. You can see mine here:

    Gotta love M-C... Take care now, Karen


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