Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Isn't it spooky and a little great when the colors of Halloween are the  orange color everyone is after for their decor...who knew....
 The special little touches on this table are the black onyx flatware from West Elm and the Black onyx stemware from Z Gallerie..I love both of them together, just so different....These two items can also be used in an elegant tablescape, maybe black and white and silver.....
 I purchased the black chandys at Michaels a couple of years ago and
still love them just as much....
 Strangely still is the fact that the chargers are from the Dollar Tree last year and are plastic and I love them too...lol.they have skulls all around the edges...
 The spider decal on the plate is three dementional and is from Michaels, love the clear ones that work so perfectly on white plates or clear glasses...so many creative things to do with these scary things...I see someone is waiting for dinner...
 I don't think you can ever have enough spiders and mice, they are always around just being scary...and creepy.....
 I sure wish I could find more of these wonderful pumpkin face wine glasses, aren't they just the cutest sweetest things ever, I love them too cause they match the table stocking legs  lol
I think the legs need more stuffing, hard to crawl around the floor and get the perfect leg.....the skirt was a dress with a frilly bottom I just cup up and would you believe those are really real shoes, found them at the Goodwill for 2.99 couldn't pass them up knew there would be a witch lookin for these....
Welcome through the gates of creepy, come on in...ohhhhohhhhhhh
There is that Happy Halloween face again wishing you all a fun filled October and watch out for those witches and goblins and ghouls, they are everywhere...
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  1. I love Love Love your table can you please tell me where you got the orange goblets so adorable and where did you get the witches legs? I saw some at Jo-Anns but weren't worth the hefty pricetag.I wish I could find polka dotted plates somewhere.I want black and white like yours just never lick out.You have one creative mind and imagination.Susie

    1. Hi Susie, thanks for the wonderful comments...the witch legs are tights from Target in the costume area..I just cut off the panty part and used the leggings, they are then easy to put on the table legs because they are so stretchy...then just find some black shoes at the Goodwill and reshape with scissors, or a pair of black cheap boots can be restyled...I just lucked upon these and did not have to do a thing...Good luck

  2. I forgot to ask .I have asked you before but you didn't respond back can you please tell me the name of the cat plates you used in cat's meow? I have tried for months to research and find them on line but can not can you tell me the pattern name I think that is the greatest post I have ever seen.Susie

    1. Hi Susie, I love those cat dishes too, they are some of my favorite, I purchased them so long ago at clearance from TJ MAXX..I have seen them on ebay they are Portmeirion Studio...they were very inexpensive, but I see now on ebay a little pricy...The Pumpkin goblets are from the Goodwill and were 1.99 each...I first saw them at Steinmart and they were 16.00 each, just would not spend that, they all of a sudden 2 years later I found 2 at the Gwill, wish I could find more...glad you like them too....

  3. I love it all, but especially the gates, legs and the napkin rings. This really is the best time of the year. xx

  4. This is just to cute. Yes indeed you do have a marvelous imagination. The flatware and the chandies lend an air of elegance and the pumpkin glasses and the witches legs are the flair that just takes this table to the moon and back. I do love the elegant look of the black stemware and the fun look of the spider plates - Simply marvelous!

  5. Omg! Your table is stunning, I love every little single thing about it.....I'm really loving the witch legs you added to your table legs, just awesome, and the pumpkin wine glasses are beautiful ;-)

    Happy fall~

  6. Mi querida PHYLLIS... Desde luego que tu no podías faltar a la fiesta de HALLOWEEN; y como siempre tu mesa y adornos son especialmente bellos y particulares.
    UN ABRAZO ENORME AMIGA... el viernes pondré mi primer post, que aunque sencillo espero que te guste. :)))))

  7. Wow! You really go all out. This is a fabulous H'ween set up -- and I am so curious about that black flatware. I am going to look in the WE store next time I am over there. Wonderful presentation!

    1. I actually bought it from them online, it is different I agree and a little unusual especially paired with the Z gallerie glasses, they are oversized and stunning in person, bought at their on line store as well...thanks for stopping over...

  8. It's always a treat to receive something from you in my In box! I was in Michael's today and saw the same black chandy marked 60% off the regular price, which brought it down to $12.00! I love you creativity as well as your design style. Keep up the good work and have a spooktacular Halloween!

  9. WOW WOW WOW oh Phyl this post is just terrific - love it!!! Everything is perfect and I sure do love the legs on the table. Your mind never stops does it? Great post.
    Each post is better than they last one, you never disappoint. Have a great weekend.

  10. OMG those legs!!! I'm loving this entire scene what a fabulous tablescape Phyllis. It's so fun with all the bright orange. I'd love to be a guest here. You did a great job putting this together.

  11. Hey,
    You have a really lovely Blog! :) Would you like to support each other and follow via GFC?
    If yes tell me and i follow you back. Lets stay in touch! :)

    Greetings from Germany

    1. I would love to follow you, I am on my way to your blog right now, thanks for the kind remarks...

  12. You always create the best Halloween table Phyllis. You are jus so full of ideas. I love everything and what a great find and deal on the charger plates....Christine

  13. You have so many wonderful decorations and dishes here! I also like your pumpkin wine glasses! And your tablecloth and legs are just perfect….BUT, I especially like your guest, the skeleton!

  14. Your table is fantastic, so many great details. I love the table legs especially, I like them wrinkly, they look more like witches legs to me that way! xx

  15. Hi Phyllis,
    Visiting you is always a treat for me and Halloween is an amazing time of the year in your home!
    You know I just love it all and your creativity and enthusiasm are truly an inspiration.
    Happy Weekend!

  16. This is so cool!!!! Just the right degree of spookiness paired with a whole lot of fun!!!

    I think the legs look great the way they are. Witches legs are knobby and bumpy with warts, so that's what they'd look like with stockings on! It's kind of like when you see little old ladies with stockings on that are falling down a little bit...that's how I'd imagine a witch would look!

    I've seen those black chandeliers at Michael's and considered buying them. They could come into play year after year in so many different ways. I love them on this table!

    The skeleton is hilarious!!!!!!!!

  17. This is just sooo cute! Love it all, wish they still had those chargers, I'd be flying down on my broomstick to pick up a few!

  18. Your halloween decor is fabulous. What an awesome table scape...love it. Thank you for commenting on my artwork....it is appreciated. Kind regards, Gayle.

  19. I would so like to be a guest at your spooky table--it's incredible!

  20. Hi Phyllis,we miss you this Christmas and your beautiful home Have A vary Marry Christmas!!!!

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  31. Hi Phyllis
    What a fun table setting! Love the skeleton hanging around waiting for dinner...and I agree with you -- spiders and mice make everything creepy for sure! Well done!


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