Sunday, February 17, 2013


This is my new humming bird feeder...A Christmas gift from my friend Tiffany....I have hung it outside the kitchen window...I am usually not a hummingbird feeder kind of person because as you will see with all the flowers near this feeder, they have many I will wait...

Still waiting for one to show up, I know they are out there, they love the I wait...

OK I am getting a little tired of waiting for a picture of the birds, I will not be giving up though...

Oh do you see what I see on the left, is that a head that I see...YAY welcome....

OK your there now just have a little sip and your gonna love it...

Ah I knew he would love it if he would just have a little taste...I am sure since this guy has broken the ice others will follow...

What a beauty,and the colors of the season orange and fashionable...

AHHH Back for more of that wonderful nectar...

 I had to add these extra pictures, they were just sooo cute...
 Take a small drink break....ahhhh

These are some more of the flowers that are the feeder for these pretty birdies to have some nectar...I think they visit these before they have a bit of my home made drink...

Pretty pretty orange


This one has a pretty shiney bright pink head, soo cute...

Well this one is telling you hello or goodbye, thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed your visit with me and the birds and thank you for hanging around the house, leave a comment if you can, I love them and read them all...


  1. I just love hummers. We don't have any at this location but we have had them at other houses we lived in. Great photos here~ xo Diana

  2. Hi Phyllis!
    I love your hummingbird feeder with it's pretty red nectar. What a sweet little bird and I'd imagine Tina will be a happy girl watching out the window. Your yellow flowers are so pretty and amazing to me. We are in the middle of winter here and there's not a flower in sight. We are at about 3600 ft above sea level and the nights are extremely cold. It will be a while before we see any signs of Spring.
    Blessings to you,
    Carolynn xo

  3. I am so jealous, it will be at least 2 more months before the hummers arrive!

  4. What a treat to see in February!!

  5. What a pretty bird! I want a feeder, no kitchen window to hang it in front of, though, hmmm, have to find a spot. I'm not even sure hummers visit my island! xo

  6. I would have thought it was too early for hummingbirds, even here in the south. Will put my feeder back out!

  7. Que maravillas nos ofrece la naturaleza... eres MUY AFORTUNADA de tener estos pajaritos en tu jardín...

  8. Hi Phyllis,

    Lovely feeder and the birds are so cute!!!

  9. Wonderful to see your beautyful pictures! In my place we have only snow and cold weather!
    Have a nice day!

  10. Hi Phyllis,
    Thanks so much for your recent visit and kind comments. I am thrilled to be led to your beautiful blog in return.
    I bought that very same hummingbird feeder last summer, but have put it away for the winter. I am in awe of the hummingbirds you are attracting now and of the gorgeous flowers. I had to check out your profile to see where you live. Now I see why you have so many flowers in bloom in February. :).
    I plan to come back later and check out your Easter posts. It will be here before we know it and I'm craving inspiration. Have also become your newest follower.

  11. O, I do love these little beauties with a passion. We don't have them out here in West Texas...a few passing thru, is all. They are so pretty....
    Thanks for stopping by...
    xoxo bj

  12. Oh what a nice feeder! You're like me- I leave the flowers I have around the yard to feed them, but it's always fun to have a feeder so you can enjoy them even more! Such a nice variety of pretty hummers you get too! We only have one type that venture up north here the Ruby Throated Hummingbird. They come in the late spring and are gone by fall around these parts!

  13. Lovely pictures, these little guys are amazing. I had an encounter last summer that was awesome. I had a hummingbird get into the garage and he couldn't get out. I was hoping to give him a ride on the end of the broom (I have had to do this in the past) but before I could he just keeled over! He fell onto a work table from about 5 ft above! I was terrified and before I thought I picked him up (he was so incredibly tiny I was afraid I would break him) and stroked him for about 10 mins before he "came to." He sat in my hand another ten minutes to recover. Unti winter he came to me daily when I was in the garage or yard. Thanks for sharing.

    1. wow that was such an interesting story, I can't believe he kept coming back again and again, what a wonderful experience and I thank you for sharing with everyone...

  14. I enjoyed your pictures so much. My favorite part of spring is waking up the chirps of the birds. I can't wait to dust my hummingbird feeder off. They are so fun to watch.

  15. Thanks so much for your post. I live for the return of the hummingbirds every year. Our hummers won't return until May, how wonderful to see them in February! We have been fortunate to have a nest and baby hummers every year for several years now. I love to watch them and see how they raise their young. Thanks again.

  16. Incredible photos, Phyllis! Hummingbirds are not east to photograph! We love our feeder, although it is not quite time for the birds to appear in our area. I know you are going to enjoy watching them fight over the nectar for a long time to come.

  17. You've set the perfect table for those gorgeous hummingbirds. Wonderful pics. Cherry Kay

  18. Hello Sweetie,

    Million thanks for visiting Stockholm.

    Isn't it the hummingbird fit to the feeder? I can tell you that, your feeder screams like my red dishes "Happy Valentine" §:-) We both are "hotties" don't we.

    Hope you have a great day & w/end ahead.

    Hugs from an icy city Stockholm,
    /CC girl

  19. I love watching hummingbirds and you sure captured some great pics!

  20. I love your hummingbird shots-I have the same feeder only green.
    Thank you for your visit today and the chargers you asked about came from either the Christmas Tree Shop or Target in Maine a few years ago.

    Take care,

  21. Its lovely! The red color perfectly match the environment, cool! Got my eye on your next posts.

  22. Thank you so much for your visit. I have never seen theese birds, and they are sooo beautiful. So lucky you are that have them on your pretty feeder.

    Wish you a great weekend

  23. I used to enjoy the sight (however fleeting!) of hummingbirds around our old house in the city where I had hundreds of plantings around the house. Since we have moved here to the 'burbs, though, I've not seen even one!!! :-( So I am STILL waiting!!! :-)

  24. Phyllis,
    A M A Z I N G photos, dear one!!!
    Everytime I tried to photograph the birds at our feeder they flew away.
    "Mr. Ed" thinks it was my flash...I think it was the sound my camera makes when you turn it on!!!
    Either way...not many photos with birds!
    Thanks for your sweet comment and visit today!!!

  25. I love your photos! I've never seen a Hummingbird with a pink head. Last year, I was at a friend's house and we were on her deck. She has two feeders and there were about 15 Hummingbirds around them - Amazing!
    Thanks much for stopping by my blog and leaving such a lovely comment.

  26. Hi Phyllis! Oh, how sweet! I'm amazed you've got hummingbirds already! Thank you for the tip about the Marie Calendar pie crusts. I'll look for some.
    Have a great weekend.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  27. Great pics. I love them too but won't see any until late May. I certainly enjoy seeing some at your new feeder.

  28. Great capture on the hummers, Phyllis! I am always amazed at how they really can smell that sugar water. We haven't put ours out yet but when we do, I know they will come swarming and humming....Christine

  29. This post made me think of my gramma, who kept a hummingbird feeder by her window, too. Loved it! I think the birds are hiding from our snow! Loved the good photos of that elusive bird.

  30. Truly one of the joys of the season! Great photos!

  31. I haven't seen a hummingbird in years - so cute and quick, aren't they!

  32. Oh wow! You got some really great shots of that little cutie. I'm kind of jealous of your photos of sun, flowers & hummingbirds....that's all I see here is grey skies & snow.


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