Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Parsley and dill..yummy...this is my herb garden  in one large pot outside the kitchen window...easy to see and reach and easy to take care of...the pictures were taken in the summer and hiding in my computer, just waiting to come out...I have to confess I do use the parsley the most, it is so great in so many dishes, even if they are not homemade...

You can see there are a couple of different kinds of mint, see the rosemary creeping out from behind...

Ah theres the spoon...I have always collected odd silver plated spoons and find there are so many uses for them...The ones that are worn the most I have flattened with  a sledge hammer and emboss with an alphabet kit from the internet (not quite as easy as they make it out to be) however still fun and creative...lots of tuts on google for hand stenciling spoons...

This was a large server spoon, loved the way the metal split from the hammering.   When the spoons start to look dingy just rub them with dry steel wool and they will look just like new...

Can you tell this was a sweet little soup spoon...I had several of these, they are wonderful for using in sugar bowl or even in a small individual dish of some type of sauce...

Can you read the little chives spoon peeping out...

If you look carefully you can see a green chair that sits in the planter it has cute garden tools carved on the back...so sweet.  I always try and use the herbs from this herb garden, however I have to admit sometimes, I just forget...lol   do you do that too?

You can see the tiny flower I tucked in the back in last summers herb garden, it just adds a little suprise...

I must have been on a roll with the plant markers I even did one with just my initials on it (no jokes about the initials) ....Love all the mint for the lemonade in the summer...so fresh and home grown...
Thanks so much for stopping by Around the House, please leave a comment and tell me about your herbs, I know it is snowing in so many places, but you know you have some of those old pictures of your herbs from the summer just waitin around to come out....


  1. i LOVE the herbs! you have given me so many wonderful ideas for my new house/garden. the spoons are extra special you are very clever...Cate

  2. Hi Phyl - no pictures of my herbs but I have a BIG rosemary bush and two Big bay trees. Love the spoons with herb names on them. Great blog

  3. Last year my neighbor thinned his garden and gave me several pots of rosemary, mint, thyme. My other neighbor has a prolific lemon tree. I am a happy woman. However, I need to plant some dill, chives, and some parsley. Do you have any growing tips? I am in the same climate as you - just down the 405.

  4. HOOOOLY COW, WOMAN.....that header is so awesome !!
    I love your spoons...and your initals are TERRIBLE...hahhhaa...
    Great herb garden.

  5. What wonderful use you made of that pot! I can't believe all of the herbs, flowers, and decorative treasures in that pot. I've tried to do a little herb garden before, but not only did I forget to use them, I forgot to water them. Sadly, I have to buy mine at the store. laurie

  6. By the way, I am drooling over those cute pies in jars in your header. laurie

  7. What a sweet garden to go and pull fresh herbs from. Love, love, love the little spoons. Have to tell you as your header rolled down I started drooling over the litte pies in a jar... they look so yummmmmmmmyyyyyyy... hugs ~lynne ~

  8. Hi Lynne, I don't have anyplace for a herb garden in the winter but I did plant some onion sets late Fall in a pot on the deck and I am still getting green onions from it, which I use all the time. I love it! Thank you so much for visiting and leaving your sweet comment. :)

  9. Lovely pictures! I am designing a garden now and will start planting in a couple months. Your spoons are just precious. Maybe I will make some of them:)

  10. How great to grow your own herbs, a couple years ago I grew chives and used them all the time...I have got to grow them again. I have wanted to try the spoon stenciling too...Love them!



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