Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Turn your sound up to truly appreciate the chatter....
This is a special place on the side of the house where the birds live....they have houses, a rock pathway and lots of flowers and ferns....It's their small village and we've come for a little wine, some dinner and some wonderful chattering....This little village is located on the side of the house and the kitchen window overlooks this area....there is a wall water fountain hanging on the side wall for their community bath they love it.....

I used my trusty gorilla glue and attached the ceramic bird to the ledge to help show the way to the bath...

Just a little sip......when the jasmine vine blooms and the fountain is on, wow the aroma is so wonderful in the kitchen.....

It is so bright today, hard to get the pictures right......

The little birdhouses that are used for napkin rings are from Michaels..they come unfinished and are 1.oo can paint or decorate them anyway you like.....I put the napkins through the ropes that are attached to the tops.....

The swirly white plates are from Marshals, I'm sure I will be using these often this summer, they are so versatile...The lovely bird pillow is a loan from my sister Bobbie, (oh by the way, thanks for all your prayers, her surgery was very successful).

The flatware is from Ross, I have used it before, it's always so pretty in the sun....

I love the wonderful white flowers that hang off the wall...this is the side wall of the back yard...and only this last section is for the birds and their houses.....the gate leads to a small work area before entering the side of the garage...

The table is ready and soon we will pour the wine....The little cherub reader I have had for years and was a gift from my dear friend Mary....

The birdhouse salt and pepper shakers are so cute, they were a great find at GW...the birds on the table were another gift from Bobbie...I love those fat little birds...

The little flower plates go with a set, you may remember them from the butterfly tablescape...they were purchased at Ross, I believe last year...I like them because they are so colorful and they go with almost every solid color....

This could be a lovely romantic table for dinner for two, but this evening , its for the birds....

I have a collection of old beat up salt and pepper shakers (the more worn out the better) many of them belonged to my mom, these are especially cute, wonder what tables they have adorned...

I don't remember where the little painted glasses are from, they have butterflies and bees painted on them with the flowers, just right for our birds, you will see them again this summer I am sure...

Well, the sun is setting and I'll light the candles, the lighting is all on timers and should click on soon...............

This wall has outdoor lighting as well, so with a few candles on the table we should have just the perfect setting for our little get together.....I do love the outdoor lighting, it is all around the house and is always inviting you out for a sit and a chat...or sometimes just a quiet moment....

It's great to look out the kitchen window and see the birdhouses nestled among the flowers and ferns, sure makes washing those dishes easier.....

I think it is just the right time for a little glass of wine, maybe I'll just stop and smell the roses....

ahhhhh, that really is good wine, ( Chateau St. Michelle) . The weather is perfect with a tiny hint of a breeze, crisp and clean, one of those ideal kind of early evenings, you know what I mean, I'm sure you've experienced an evening like this ...

Can you just hear this little guy starting to give us a song, you know you can almost hear him...

The little blue birdhouse seems to go with the blue evening, don't you think?

Wish you all could join us for a little dinner, maybe next time....

Clairese the reading cherub looks like she is reading a bedtime story to the mother bird and her new egg...............

Thank you for taking the time to visit and hang AROUND THE HOUSE for just a little while...Maybe you have a special bird village for your birds.....if not maybe you have been inspired to create one in your own special little place...Thank you susan at betweennapsontheporch for hosting Tablescape Thursday.........Don't forget to leave a comment, I love to know what you think and am always inspired by all of you...Phyllis


  1. How pretty this is! Love your garden spot and I too, have a fondness for birds. Those little birdhouses you've used for napkin how clever!

  2. I love your garden! The backdrop (sideboard) is decorated beautifully and so is your table. Love the pastel blue table cloth and your wine glasses. This is an elegant yet fun tablescape! You have another winner here, Phyllis!

  3. What a beautiful table setting.. I love the pictures with the candles lit and evening setting in.. I'd love to be a bird and stay in your garden

  4. Your garden is gorgeous! Your tablescape divine. Love it all! Win a $50 CSN gift certificate at my blog.

  5. I love dinners in the garden. This is a beautiful setting and love the bird motif. The changing light is wonderful.

  6. Lovely garden! Amazing tablescape with the birdhouse napkin rings! What a fun idea! Please come and link up to Centerpiece Wednesday on my blog and share your ideas.


  7. This is beautiful! Such a peaceful, tranquil setting, too. I can almost hear the birds chirping and the sound of running water.


  8. What a great spot for lunch! Charming table!

  9. Simply Stunning... Who wouldnt want to sit and dream... or have a lovely cup of tea with a dear friend.

    WOW...impressive for sure.


  10. Such a beautiful table and such a wonderful setting. I love it.

  11. Phyllis,

    What a gorgeous garden table you set for the birds! I love the bird houses/napkin rings! What a wonderful touch to those beautiful plates. This a real picture perfect setting!

    Miss Bloomers

  12. I love the tablescape and the beautiful patio
    setting. How lovely, and how peaceful. Love the colors too!
    Would be a fun and enjoyable dinner or lunch.
    blessings, Nellie

  13. Oh what a beautiful setting. I would never want to leave my kitchen window if it was that pretty outside. Your table is lovely. The goblets seem to glow in the sunlight and I love the flatware. It is all just perfect!

  14. I love garden settings for a dinner...yours is stunning. The salad plates are really striking.

  15. How adorable! And your table is situated in the perfect spot to be in all the birdie aciton!
    I love the little bird houses that are napkin rings. So creative. ANd your flatware!!!! I could reach right in to the picture and "borrow" it!
    This setting and scape are one of the best!
    Please stop by StoneGable, I am having a giveaway!

  16. Phyliss,
    Everything is absolutely beautiful. Love your table area with the birdhouses and plants, and the lighthing is fabulous. Great job as usual.
    Thanks for sharing.

  17. What a peaceful atmosphere you've created there. Your bird sanctuary is just adorable. You have inspired me to create a little area of the garden just for my feathered friends. The table setting is beautiful,too.

  18. What a beautiful setting, Phyllis! So relaxing! I can hear the sound of the fountain and the birds chirping. The bird houses are so cute!...Christine

  19. This is so pretty! It must be lovely getting out into the garden at this time of year. Your pictures are just lovely!

    Best wishes,

  20. Wonderful!! The tablescape is so pretty nestled in that corner of your gorgeous garden! What a fantastic idea to put the birdhouses on each setting and put the napkins in them as well! Love this! And the lighting in the evening....ahhhh, how relaxing!


  21. Wow, a little corner of paradise. Shows what you can do with a little corner of space. Just beautiful.

  22. This is so pretty. What keeps the birds out of those cute birdhouses while you are eating. You set a gorgeous table. Drop by if you get a chance for I am having a giveaway for $50.00 gift certificate at CSN stores.

  23. This is all just stunning. I love everything here. All the plants and so pretty.
    xo bj

  24. Absolutely beautiful! I would love to have a hidden little romantic spot like this...lucky you!

  25. Phyllis, I am absolutely enchanted. You have created an exquisite and magical haven.

    You always inspire me with your eye for beauty.

  26. very beautiful and love the running water that goes with it..

  27. What a pretty setting for a quiet dinner, Phyllis!! All your wonderful birdie items are just precious & what a unique way to display the napkins!
    I'm stealing that flatware before Yvonne can get her hands on it. WAY TOO COOL!

    It all looks positively magical at night...SO special!
    I'm making a note to try the Chateau St. Michelle wine, too.
    Thanks for sharing your pretty world with us.

    I wish you would have joined in The Tablescaper's meme to show us where you keep it all. ;-)

  28. gorgeous.. it's a wonderful place and the table is so inviting. i think your glasses are retired lenox???

  29. This is absolutely gorgeous!!! What a wonderful little village for the birds. Your pictures are so nice. Love the table setting.

  30. Oh, Phyllis! I love your outdoor setting - it's gorgeous! Your fountain is so lovely and I'll bet the little birds love this on a hot day! Now your table! Love how you've used those cute bird houses. I guess you think we're going to be messy - I was trying to count how many different colored napkins you poked thru the holes! :) Every element on your table is wonderful. You know I'm a fan! You are the greatest tablescaper!
    Be a sweetie,

  31. What a beautiful garden spot! All your small touches are so special. It is just lovely. Your table is wonderful and so summery and your garden is just terrific. Thank you for sharing!

  32. That was such a beautiful tour. Everything looks wonderful. I love the house amongst the plants, the lighting and the glasses. Everything looks so good. xx

  33. Very lovely, I cant name one thing that is beautiful, its everything, which is perfect... so inviting place and inspirational too..

  34. Oh my gosh. Beautiful. Absolutely Beautiful. I love these pictures and these ideas. How gorgeous. Thank you so much for sharing these.

    Have a beautiful day,

  35. What a beautiful post. It is all just beautiful. There are so many lovely things to look at it makes the entire setting inviting and soothing at the same time.

  36. Oh and yet another award winning table from the best of Phyllis...girl NO ONE can hold a candle to you...girl I just loved the little bird hoses as napkins rings only you could see things outside the box...Your whole table is just Beautiful my Dear friend...And Yes I'm still waiting for the book girl ha ha!! I kid you not you really do need to do one...Women would just love it and buy it...Of course mine would be the FREE autograph one lol!! May you have a wonderful weekend in your beautiful garden and home my Sister friend...Thanks for coming by and checking up on me...Hugs and smiles to you, love ya, Gloria

  37. HOW PRETTY! What a great job you did presenting everything! I loved all of it. Wonderful!!

  38. How beautiful! Your garden is amazing and sure wish I could grow some of those flowers in the inferno where I live called Arizona :(

  39. This post is absolute magic!!!! The visual, the sounds, it is all perfect. Love every inch of the tablescape and the surrounds. I would LOVE to be a birdie at your place. Thank you for such a beautiful tour of your special place. Hugs, Granny

  40. Wow! This looks like a wonderland to me or should I say a paradise. Very colorful and nice. I love everything.

  41. How cute is this table! It goes perfect with the beautiful surroundings. Love all the bird houses and your plants are lovely too!


  42. So pretty...and I love the sound of the birds!

  43. How pretty! I love the soft colors...the flatware fits in so nicely!
    That is a beautiful table, Phyllis!
    I have two of those ruffled plates from HG...trying to find 2 more. Great size for salads or serving when it is just 2 of us.

  44. Wonderful, I'd LOVE to see more of your yard.

  45. What a sweet little tablescape. You really included every little detail. Loved the bird sound effects too. Wonder if Michaels still have those little birdhouses. Thanks for sharing. I'm going back to visit your bird sanctuary again.

  46. This outdoor setting is fabulous! Oh, I so wish I was sitting there with you to enjoy it. I love all the birdhouses. That is one thing about AZ...we just don't get the lushness...where all the items look so good sitting by...I loved seeing everything!

  47. Thank you so much for your sweet note on my workshop post Phyllis, it really meant a lot to me!

    ps. lovely garden with such a fresh atmosphere...:)


  48. I am in love....with it all! May I ask, is your "sideboard" that is decorated so beautifully, cement with an iron piece in front of it? It is gorgeous! Your TABLE is amazing, I LOVE the idea of using the little birdhouses as napkin rings....brilliant! I wish I had another space to set up a table to eat outside besides our deck. But, this summer has been SO HOT we havn't eaten outside much. We wait til the sun is almost down to go out to sit, after dinner. It is sad to me as I love to eat OUTSIDE!!!! I love the beautiful flower plates and the glasses too! This is such fun catching up! XO, Pinky


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