Saturday, May 4, 2013

I can't believe I deleted my garden tour post by is now down please bear with me


  1. Good Afternoon Phyllis, Oh no, what a shame. Do you know what my greatest fear is, not deleting my post, but publishing before I have finished writing it.
    I look foward to the tour of your garden.
    Best Wishes

  2. I sorry about your computer and your post. Thanks for stopping byy place. Do come again.

  3. I am sorry about your computer troubles! I have done that before with a post! So upsetting! Can't wait until you can have it up again!

  4. Phyllis, this was so words can describe! I would love to wake up each morning and look out on that view! Love all the art work you have around the garden and the bright colors are so wonderful and cheerful. Amazing tour! I know you inspired a lot of tour-goers. They are all at home now trying to figure out how they can recreate your backyard paradise!

  5. What a beautiful backyard ! We have a long neglected courtyard in our home in India. When we finally return to actually start living there I hope I can make some changes there-taking inspiration from you ! I write my own blog at but for some reason this is not allowing me to comment from it.Do you know why ??
    Do visit it-when you can.

  6. Hi Phyllis,

    I have been spending my morning with you... catching up on what I have missed these last few months. As always, I have enjoyed your beautiful pictures and cheerful narratives.

    I have deleted more than one post, UGH! I came up with a simple remedy that I posted about a few years ago. I figured out that if I subscribe to my own posts it is like a copy! I then store all these emailed posts under the category of "Blog Posts". If one gets deleted then I simply "copy and paste" and start a new post. Even the pictures are saved. I believe that I use the "HTML" format instead of the "compose" format to keep all the spacing as in the original. Of course this method only works if you had published the post. If you lose it early on then all I can say is try the "backspace" button. Sometimes it takes many tries (clicks) and sometimes it just won't work.

    I once lost all my pictures. Had to go to Best Buy and they retrieved them. I use Picasa but my pictures go to Windows Photo Gallery and Windows Live Photo Gallery first. (VERY confusing for me with too many duplicates.) Once I tried to delete from one group but it deleted both at the same time.... had to go to "recycle" to restore. So at this point I send my pictures to Picasa to edit, resize, and watermark. Now my problem is trying to categorize everything for easy access. Still working on a "system".

    Pictures are the biggest time consumer!!! I have so many posts just waiting to get put together. :/

    xoxo Bunny Jean

    1. Oh... of course having everything backed up is the best way to go but I am not sure if this can be done automatically or just when I do it manually. As it is I have TONS of pictures on thumb drives and discs.


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