Wednesday, October 3, 2012


In this shot you can see the old wallpaper and the entry light...This is before the wall was taken down and the entry vent removed...

This is the new light and it is ready to go...I will be the helper for Mr. S.

This is where it goes, now if all the screws fit everything else we are good to such luck...because they had to add an extra layer of drywall on the ceiling to cover the popcorn ceiling...the ceiling could not be scraped because it was a special kind of cement popcorn...bummer...Mr. S is on it...

I had a feeling I was headed for the hardware store...

Oh so the way it glows on the ceiling... pretty...can't wait until tonight to see how it looks in the evening...sparkly...yay

Thanks for stopping by and I hope a new light is in your future.....phyllis


  1. Love it when it all comes together.

    - The Tablescaper

  2. I love it! It's gorgeous and very sparkly indeed. :) What a welcoming entry way. Yes.. it all worked out very well.

  3. Love your new entry light and the way it sparkles on the ceiling. Went back and read a few posts. Wow you are really changing things up. Great look. The paint drop cloth looks great on your chair. I would leave the mirrors too. Looks like another room at first.

  4. You have a beautiful blog. The photography is fabulous.

  5. It looks beautiful. I love the fixture.

  6. I love the new entry light, it looks fabulous and the how the light beams on the ceiling.

  7. I love that one door with the fancy window.


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