Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Country Breakfast

This breakfast table was inspired by the cute cow napkin rings....

and these old dishes with cows on them...They are only labeled (fine porcelain) they have been used alot and sure don't look like fine porcelein I purchased them for 5.00 at the salvation army store last year...

You can see the cows on the large and smaller plates...I have used Royal Stafford red checked plates for the charger...

This tablescape gives me the opportunity to use some of my faux food...Don't these danish look yummy...I have a lot of danish muffins and rolls...oh and a lot of fruit...I think they dress up the table....I am always afraid the settings might look like a dish

This one is one of my favorites.....

Strawberry anyone...

The hay is left over from the pumpkin display on Halloween, on the front porch...

We will be having breakfast after this shoot...only we are having pancakes ...and no faux fruit

I love breakfast...and yes I would love breakfast for dinner, but Mr. S will have no part of that...he will say "what do you mean...thats breakfast food"...he's a funny guy...Can you smell the coffee???

The place mats are from Pier 1, I purchased a couple of years ago...

I have really not purchased anything new for this table...yay for me...

Love this cow with the roosters on his back....

It is kind of cold this morning and this will be a real treat for us....

The jars I am using for orange juice glasses have been around for years, like mason jars only with handles...The cool faux piece of toast was a gift from my friend Jannay...

The farm animals are all just having a good time in the hay...Mr. S. is amused as he is walking by..or is he just hungry..hummmmm

The roosters are crowing for breakfast...

Have one...their not fattening...

The cow looks like he's out in the pasture...

Hope this was a fun visit for you, I always enjoy having you visit Around the House...Please leave a message and let me know what inspires you...maybe it's a great breakfast...If you are not a follower please join...If you love Easter time....I have been working on some special settings you won't want to miss..


  1. Hi Phyllis! Oh, I love your faux breakfast table! Those little treats really look real! Love your dishes and those cute little cow napkin holders. The tiny little baskets of berries are a hoot! You're a hoot! I'm a hoot! :) Love it, always.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

    1. I need those cow dishes! I just purchased two coffee cups/saucers and two dessert plates at a thrift store in Big Bear CA for my daughter and have been going CRAZY trying to find anymore! :) Love love love them and your tablescape!

      Apple Valley CA

  2. I didn't even know they made faux toast. Don't have to worry about extra calories that way. LOL Your photos sure captivated me today. Love all the detail and the the theme is just perfect. It all put a smile on my face. Thanks for sharing:)

  3. It doesn't get any cuter than this, Phyllis!! The faux food is fabulous and I love the little barnyard critters! Great job!


  4. Your farm theme is adorable - love your red and white checked chargers and your egg cups - enjoy your breakfast!!

  5. I love your farm table...those little cow napkin rings are precious! I think if I had a happy table like yours to wake up to, I might become a morning person...Ok, maybe not, but it sure would make the morning more fun. Thanks for sharing your beautiful table. Have a great weekend!

  6. How lovely to be greeted to a table like this for breakfast. It made me smile even from this far away. Thanks for visiting my blog and your encouraging comments. I'm afraid this tablescaping thing could become my latest addiction! :)

    1. I sure hope it does because you have the talent for it for sure...

  7. Those are the cutest plates ever!! What a great fresh tablescape! Come link up to Centerpiece Wednesday on my blog an share your ideas.

  8. This is just precious! You are so very creative. No wonder you get featured in major magazines!

  9. As one "Phyllis" to another, I salute you for your most creative and unique table with all its charm!

  10. What a bright and cheerful breakfast table. Makes me want to sit right down and have a cup of coffee with you. hugs, Linda

  11. Your barn breakfast tablescape is so cute, Phyllis. I tried to come here yesterday and I could not. Glad you came by and it reminded me to try again cause I sure love to see your tables. Your creations and your photos are always fabulous...Christine

  12. I love this 'scape! You've inspired me to bring out my rooster / hen collection to dress up my table. Sometimes we take the wonderful old things we have laying around the house for granted and don't think about incorporating them into our designs. Thank you for becoming my latest follower! I started reading some of your posts and couldn't quit. Looking forward to more to come.

  13. I love your bright, cheerful tablescape. Breakfast is my favorite meal. I think you've inspired me to get some faux food to play with!

  14. What a cute tablescape! You carried out your theme to perfection!

  15. Goodness! What a cheery table this is! The cow motif is adorable!

  16. This is probably the cutest breakfast table I have seen yet! And I'm not at all influenced by the scrumptious looking food (which I know is fake but it still makes my mouth water)! I think I must have lived on a farm in a former life, because I find every element of your table appealing, from the hay bales to the napkin rings to the freeloading roosters! I can't stop smiling!

    I can't believe I haven't been following you! Complete oversight!

  17. Hi MOM, this prob. has to be one of my most favorites....along with the easter one you did awhile back with them living in their lil stump...I remember hunting for that. :)

    Goood Job...Oh, and everyone if you are all READING: Another....year mom incredible mom is CANCER FREE....woowoo!

    see you monday, Shell

  18. Now that's a real breakfast down on the farm!!! I fear the Strongbacks (farmhands) 'round here would try to devour the faux food. Heeheehehhee!

    That's the cutest table ever sweetie. I adore all the cows, straw and all things farm.

    God bless ya and have a fantastic weekend!!!

  19. Your breakfast table is gorgeous! Love all the details you added, the faux food and egg crate, so many pretty items! I so love the cow napkins rings and plates! Really a fun and great table to sit down to breakfast at!
    Miss Bloomers

  20. How cute! I know everyone hates a comment that starts like that, but it's true. This table is all around adorable. I love the cow plates and "matching" napkin rings.

    I am like you and enjoy breakfast for dinner. I love breakfast food, but am ususally not hungry first thing in the morning. I like to enjoy it at night instead. Like your husband, nobody in my family is interested in that idea either.

    Thanks for visitng my kitchen blog and enjoying my spring table this week!

  21. so adorable, but i am wild over your header~

  22. Oh I just love this table. It is so beautiful. I like the cow plates and the black and white plaid around the edges make them look even more special. The centerpiece is fabulous...Christine


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