Tuesday, September 6, 2011

New Etsy Shop

Hi everyone...wow have I missed you all....I have had my hand operation for my carpul tunnel on both hands...Everything is coming along well..

I have gathered some incredible finds for some tablescapes...hope you love them too..there are also some great projects I will share (potting bench) living room make over and loads of trash to treasure items coming soon...

Until I am healed completely i would like to invite you to my daughter Michelle's Etsy store called Letsdish she has worked really hard and has some great finds...if you click on one of the items you will see she has a wonderful writing style and always great info in a story format...check it out...
Thanks everyone for always checking to see how I am doing on this end...how are all of you...love to hear from you all...see you soon...Phyllis


  1. Hi, Phyllis..so glad to see you are still in the land of the living...:) Glad you had the hands "fixed" so you can post again. I've missed ya.

  2. oops, you didn't leave us a link to her shop...

  3. Hi everyone....My mom is just the best!

    Here's my link...


    Some of the things in my shop actually came from her too!

  4. Hi Phyllis, I NEVER gave up on you!

    I checked your blog every week to see if you had returned.

    I know all about carpal tunnel, had right and left done years ago.

    I will check out your daughter's Etsy shop :)

    xoxo Bunny Jean
    @ Bunny Jean's decor and More!
    (my MAIN blog)

  5. Hi BJ and Bunny...so good to hear from both of you... I have added a link to my daughters shop...even if you don't find something to buy it sure is fun to read her little stories...I'm coming over to your sights for a visit...love ya phyllis

  6. Oh girl I have missed you so much...glad to hear you have your surgery behind you now..PLEASE don't over do it honey..I'll check out your daughter store for sure..Much hugs and smiles to you my sweet sister friend Gloria

  7. Good to know that you are doing well after your surgeries! It's been a long time since you last posted- hope to see more of you soon. :-) Sue

  8. Well so glad to see a post from you!! You talents and posts have been missed! Glad you are recovering from your surgery..hopefully all will be good as new! Can't wait to see another tablescape..yours are always so pretty!

    Miss Bloomers

  9. Welcome back Phyllis! It's so lovely to hear that you are well. I can't wait to see your future tablescape posts. You always did such a fabulous job creating stylish and beautiful tables.

    Take care and look after yourself!

    Best wishes,

  10. Speedy recovery, Phyllis! Good to see you back!

  11. HI PHYLLIS!!! Oh, I've missed you so much! I'm sorry to hear you've had to have these surgeries and pray your healing will be pain free and fast! I was getting very concerned about you!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)


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