Tuesday, December 22, 2009


This is my friend Mary's home in Fullertonville, it is a large home to hold lots of people... Her son Shaun is getting the mail, his daughter Kelly and the dog Jack are always near, she loves to jump on his back, it's very cold out but, as long as she has on her yellow knitted hat she will be warm.....

What a wonderful front porch she has, in the warmer months we can all sit outside....

This is a great part of town, next door to Mary's house is the Christmas collectible store and the toy store, they sell wreaths in the center of town and the train ride for the kids is Kelly's favorite...what fun...Is that Santa I see, wow

Everyone loves that darned train......me too..Kelly and her friend are having such a good time..

There is Shaun and Kelly and Jack, they must be bringing in the mail for Martha the owner of the knit shop....Mary teaches knitting at the shop and always brings home some goodies from the bakery next door, can't you just smell the fresh rolls and donuts.....The large clear glass object to your left that looks like a wine glass for dinner is actually the town water tower that has been painted with a snow scene, how lovely....

If you look closely you can see Mary teaching her knitting class.....

Boy it has been windy and it looks like it has even blown down some trees, oh well they are still baking, I can smell the fresh bread...

Shaun and his wife Frances just love it when they play the music outside, it is just so much fun..

Well there is Mary now helping kelly mail her letter to Santa, they have to hurry to make sure he gets it in time, he is very busy this time of year you know....

Kelly is starting to get heavy, hurry stick that letter in there...good girl, now lets go look at that new chair in the furniture store, I just gotta have it...

Since Kelly is asleep, Shaun and Frances have decided to take a slay ride, hang on and bundle up ....

The town tree around the corner is just the most beautiful this time of year, I can't wait until they turn on all the wonderful lights....

Is that Shaun again bringing in the mail, boy he sure has a thing about that mail ......

Uh oh whats that sign they are putting up on the fire house, a Pancake breakfast on Sat. Well we know that is one of Kelly's favorites, you know where we will be Sat. morning, I better get a closer look at that sign....

Yep thats what it says, 5.00 per ticket, we better hurry and get ours.....I hope you enjoyed your visit to Fullertonville, it is located on top of Mary's table near the glass water storage tank, come for a visit when you can....The weather is always perfect...Thanks for the visit, if you would like to leave a comment, just click on the word comment. Again, thanks for hanging AROUND THE HOUSE.... Phyllis...
Thanks to susan @betweennapsontheporchwho inspired Mary to create a village after seeing susans, and inspired me to take pictures and write about it...Thanks Susan for always being such an inspiration to so many......


  1. Great post..and village!
    Merry Christmas and good health in the new year!

  2. Susan is inspiration for all of us! Thank you for sharing Mary's table with her village. Wonderful!
    Merry, Merry! ~ Sarah

  3. This is wonderful...
    I hope you have the merriest and brightest Christmas..just full of blessings.
    xo bj

  4. Super cute post- I love your narrative! Merry Christmas!
    - Meg

  5. Phyllis, I wish I could help you find some of this ribbon. I attended a talk given by a local designer early in the month. She has two shops here in town and hosted an evening to show how to decorate a Christmas tree. They were using this ribbon on one of the demo trees. I immediately wanted some. It is absolutely beautiful... silk plaid. When I went to buy some for myself, they said they had used it all on the tree and couldn't get more from the supplier. I was so disappointed. Then about a week later, one of the sales girls phoned to tell me that she had found one roll of the ribbon back in the store room. I immediately rushed over to get it. So all I had was the one spool. If I had some of it left over I'd send it to you, but there is no more. I'm going to talk to the owner of the shop and see if she can request that the supplier try to get more. It's worth a try. I'll let you know if it happens. It is fabulous ribbon.
    Send me an email and I can let you know what was on the label.

  6. Love your village, Phyllis! The shops and houses are so pretty!

  7. Beautiful Village! Makes we want to jump right into a Christmas scene like that. Merry Christmas!

  8. Phyllis, I'm so glad you gave us a peek into the life of your friend, Mary. Everything is so beautiful where she lives, and she has a wonderful life.

    Happy Holidays!

  9. Hi Phyllis, this was just too cute. Your village is amazing. I love the attention to detail. I haven't taken mine out in years..and it's wayyyyyy to late this year to even think about it, oh ok.. so I have "thought" about it, but just isn't time. lol I love the firehouse with the Pancake Breakfast.. and the Water tower was genious..I'm so glad you allowed us a peek into your life with Mary and family. You have so enriched my life these past few weeks .. I'm truly blessed to know you. From our home to yours a Very Merry Christmas.. hugs ~lynne~

  10. What a pretty village..
    Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  11. It is all so cute..and how neat to make up a story about it all, makes me want to go live there! Have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS..come say hi :D

  12. I love your village. The highlight of my Christmas is putting up my village. I add to it each year. Merry Christmas!

  13. Hi mom,

    This took me back to when I was a kid...and we had our village with the ice skaters on the pond.......great job. I love you!

  14. Needless to say, I loved, loved, loved this post.What a wonderful set up. Thanks so much for posting this. Hope your Christmas day was just perfect...Nancy

  15. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas! Thank you for coming by. I love your blog. Now I need to go back and read more.
    Happy New Year.

  16. Loved seeing this Christmas village and the way you personalized it with names and stories.

  17. Love your village and your story! I didn't take my village out this year (we're doing an addition to our home/minimal decorating this year). But next year - watch out! I plan to go all out! I enjoyed reading this post and seeing your pictures so much! I just discovered your blog and now check it daily.

  18. What a beautiful post! Love it.

  19. What a beautiful village...Aren’t they so magical?


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