Sunday, September 25, 2011


Oh...thank you, I would love a little glass of wine, nothing is more relaxing then having your own potting area/flower space/bistro/wine/art gallery, work and relaxing I think that about covers it all.......

It all started with this very very sunny hot area outside my side garage door...It is a space I pass 20 times a day, to the trash barrels, to the side yard and a side entrance to the front yard...gosh now I am confused, but I think you get it.....

I just thought there must be something more useful and pleasing to the eye, especially since I have to pass that area so many times a day...and who couldn't use more storage.....I was on a mission...I was on the hunt for the perfect piece for the space.....

I finally had determined a dresser or credenza just the right height with drawers and cupboards would be great...I paid 40.00 at the Salvation Army store, actually I went to show Mr. S. a different one that needed to be cut down to size...of course he was right....this one was the perfect size...

I took off the old gold tone handles and with a little sanding I painted it white and distressed it a little with my trusty sander...It was originally an old chipped wood piece.I thought the checked doors would give it a little zip. The tool handles are from Michaels and were 1.00 each....I drilled a hole in them and attached in the old hole....

The vintage flower tiles were 3.00 for the bunch at the SA store...they are actually plastered to the back wall with liquid nails..I used tile plaster to attach some random tiles to the wood top. Now no matter if the flowers are not in bloom..there is always a bloom when you look at those tiles ( in S. Ca. the flowers are always in bloom)
I just had to throw that in...

My daughter Michelle painted the little french sign on the fence and the wonderful menu on the chalk board... boy, she is a good sign maker....she also helped me hang the sign on the fence, not an easy deal...

All the little prints sitting around were around 1.00 each from SA store...I leave them out for the summer....I have an old worn umbrella over the entire area that keeps it shady and protects the area....If the pictures get ruined I can easily freshen up with new ones but it hasn't happened yet...

I love my little number theme, of course you can use any theme that strikes your fancy...

This was an old all white shelf the S.A. store I painted the baskets black added the small number metal tags and Mr. S. was nice enough to hang it for me (another not so easy deal) and it is perfect for gloves, garden string and whatever, also to hang extra tools...The bright colored gloves are also from Michaels...

The cork board is perfect for attaching those little odds and ends...I also painted the edge to match doors of cabinet...

I have 2 of these barstools 5.00 each at SA store. I painted them black and took the sander to them, sprayed with a sealer which makes them virtually weather proof....

You gotta love the numbers...can you find them all ?????

This gate goes into the side of the backyard, you may remember it from the post where we had a little dinner here.

What a lovely summer evening...hope to have alot more evenings outside...easy to do in Southern California...

The little lantern has a small battery candle cute at night...And yes that is an old acrylic framed mirror back in the vines...I like that reflection of light...

Flowers everywhere...

Of course you've gotta have some herbs....I have an herb garden somewhere else...just a few here.....

The white enamelware bucket is a favorite of mine, it belonged to my sister Bobby who passed away this is wonderful to keep extra potting soil...Enamelware has such a vintage feel, I love that...and it makes me smile a little to know she liked it too...

Sooooooooooooooooo Just to make sure you know you are welcome anytime...

and while you are here, let me get you a glass of wine....enjoy... smell those flowers....delightful

Don't forget the number 9 its around somewhere...

I think I will sit awhile and about you??

Thank you for stopping by for a visit...I hope I have inspired you to create your own little potting space...If you have any questions please let me know and I will be happy to answer...Leave a comment as I love hearing what you think and if you are not already a follower....follow me, I promise you it will never be boring ....Phyllis, I am attaching to a great blog diybydesign and I am attaching to my friend Susans Met Monday on betweennapsontheporch..Hi Susan...Missed you also linked to savvysouthernstyle and tablescape thursdays with susan...and the shabby creek cottage, Bunny Jeansdecorandmore, stuffandnonsense Romantichomeblogspot the thrifty groove


  1. How beautiful, whimsical and colorful! You did a wonderful job with everything! I'll be right over and sit there and have a glass of wine with you!

  2. Hi, Your area looks gorgeous. I'm working on my potting area and your lovely photos give me inspiration. Thank-you.


  3. Your table is quite ingenious! I love the drawer pulls!

  4. Very your ideas! The pull drawer handles are really cool and I like the glass of wine too.

  5. That is soooo lovely. I really like it! Love the the idea of using tools as handles! I'll have to Pin this!!!
    Thanks for visiting, I'm your newest follower too now. Have a great week,

  6. Hi darling, nice to have you back You have been so missed. I'm glad to hear you're getting along well after surgery..
    Your potting bench is darling, love the theme you've gone with. The flowers alone and their beauty make you smile, standing or sitting here at this darling bench would be so much fun along with a pleasure. Pour me a glass darling I'll happily join you.. hugs ~lynne~

  7. I love it..

  8. This is so cheerful and inviting. Love all your creative ideas. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  9. Wonderful idea. I love what you have done. Wish I lived in a place where I could use a piece of furniture outside like this. Too much rain and wind and snow here.
    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

  10. Hi Mom,

    I'm proud to be your daughter....and Love you very much! MUAH, see you Friday......Potting Bench is just the BEST!

  11. For a minute there, I thought I had died and gone to potting bench heaven! What a cute and fun space! Love the blue enamelware picture, and your 1, 2, & 3 cubbies also. I never find anything that nice at the thrifts on the east coast. Your flowers look great, also!

  12. Phyllis, what an awesome space did you create here. So full of love, it really shows. It certainly is something for me to remember and when the next spring comes... I hope I'll be able to create something like this too :)
    PS: thanks for your comment on my blog, really appreciated!

  13. This is absolutely amazing! I am in awe - I can't believe how creative you are!!!! I love every inch, from all the black and white checks, the handles, the tiles, all the small touches. Gorgeous, gorgeous and gorgeous! You are the bomb!

  14. I had no idea a potting area could be this cute! It just says "spend some time here, pot some plants!" And the numbers are just plain fun! Your creativity cup has runneth over! Any ideas how to disguise a bright red Craftsman tool chest? :)

  15. I'm in love!! Seriously I adore this..gonna have to steal some of these ideas for my yard!! Thanks for did an awesome job!!!

    Miss Bloomers

  16. I've never seen anything so cute in my entire life, is ADORABLE. Is it ok for me to post a photo of it on my sidebar, linked to you, so everyone that stops over at Sweet Nothings can see this?? I love it. I would do the same thing but out here in West Texas, the sand and wind blows all spring and into the summer. Then, the hot, dry summer is terrible..I don't even want to get outside. now, Autumn is another story...just beautiful but, no need to pot things at that time of year.
    You, hubby and daughter did an awesome job.:)

  17. Thanks bj...of course you can post it...Although I could not do a blog and type responses I have always read your wonderful pages...hugs..phyllis

  18. So cute! I come from a racing family, so the black and white check theme reminds me of that. Love it!

    Thank you also for the comment on my hutch. I appreciate it!


  19. Thanks betsy...I thought you would like that

  20. Found you through my sister's blog (Elaine) and so glad I did! This space is just amazing and so practical but sooooo pretty! I moved to FL last year and have yet to really embrace the fact that I can grow things year round here. My favorite is the tool handles and all the numbers too.

    Robin Flies South

  21. So happy to see you back and blogging again. You don't know how many times I visited you this last year... even in your absence.!

    The potting bench is just charming! It gives you a great new place to decorate, and we all enjoy seeing your decorating abilities!

    Thanks for coming to my party :)

    xoxo Bunny Jean
    Wednesday's Bunny Hop Party!

  22. This is just too cute. I love it all. thanks so much for sharing it at Wow.

  23. Creating this had to be a dream come's wonderful! Makes carrying out the trash almost a pleasure. Thank you for sharing your delightful design. Cherry Kay

  24. Thanks for taking the time to comment on my post and following, I'm now following you!
    What a beautiful potting bench, now taking out the trash won't be so bad!


  25. Boy, do I wish that I lived in SoCal and could have furniture out all year long! Your potting bench is just so darn cute! Love the handles and the checkerboard doors. :-) Sue

  26. What an adorable potting bench! I'm envious! Using those gardening utensils for handles is such a creative idea! I love it. I used to live in Sacramento...miss CA a lot!! Oh, yes, I also wanted to tell you I love your blog header! Cats and hydrangeas - two of my favorites!

  27. That is so so neat. Very clever and creative. I envy your weather. I'm in Illinois where all the live plants in my new potting shed have to come inside in November. I do love the charm of a shed with all the drawer pulls and potting themed accessories. We used our children's old playset as the base/frame of my potting shed, but I barely have room for a table, especially with all the great stuff (hubby calls in junk) I've shoved in there. One thing I've never tried in there is the wine. Plenty of coffee in the wee morning hours. Will have to try the wine on the other end of the day. Wishing you many happy moments at your "garden center."

  28. Hi Phyllis,

    I just wanted to tell you that you were "featured" on this weeks Bunny Hop... for your potting bench!

    There is an award for you to display on you sidebar if you want :)
    xoxo BunnY Jean

  29. I love the potting table and everything you've added to it. It's gorgeous and 'So Me'. It wouldn't work for me here in Michigan though, since our weather here is so cold and snowy, I'd have to put it away every year. But if I ever move south, I'll be copying your idea :D

  30. Hi Phyllis! You (and the Mr.) did good! What a darling, creative and happy spot! I found your blog, while at "Savy"! Good to see some Californians in the mix!
    All the best!,

  31. Well, this whole area is just to stinkin' cute for words! I love everything you did! I am going to feature this for this week's TTF party! I hope you join again and grab your "I was featured" button! The post will be up thursday at 4:00!Thank you for joining TTF and I am so sorry I am so late in visiting this week!

  32. Oh my gosh, this is an absolutely fabulous potting area. I have never seen anything like it before. Congratulations. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris

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  34. I am a new fan. via Brenda @ cozy little house, I believe. I have been scooping out your posts ever since....yesterday. I love LOVE the potting bench and was wondering if you dared to take a 'before' photo. your yard is lovely, and this potting bench (is that really what it is, because its gorgeous and you use it in so many ways!!!) - well I just keep looking over and over at all of the details, flowers, paint, tiles, stuff!!! thank you for sharing!!!

    Angela from NJ


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