Saturday, June 1, 2013


You can see the dish storage is kind of an L shape, and the short end of the L ends at the back door..The doors are sliding which lends it's self well to the garage and hot having to move the car to access the cupboards...At the short end of the L shape cupboards I keep the containers of flatware, inside each container are two to three plastic bags of silverware, much easier to just open and take out one plastic bag for the tablescape...this system works well for me...
 Also are large baskets of different items, one is faux foods to add to the scapes, always fun to use...
 these baskets are napkin rings, I do love unusual napkin rings...someday I think I will just do a post on your favorite napkin rings...
 More napkin rings and place card holders, they kind of go hand in hand...
I love quality hand painted crystal goblets, for wine for water or even pretty and I ave found some real treasures at the GoodWill, some beauties from Lenox...Also below is a Mexican fiesta with all the pretties that accompany that theme, I must do one of those this summer...
You remember those Pansy glasses, well there they
You gotta love the african safri theme with all the monkeys, it is the funnest and I even have a large gorilla to be the centerpiec...
All the electrical  for the sprinkler system is inside this cupboard with some real beauties, love the pretty soft pink goblets and of course the Warren Kimbal red white and blue dishes, I think those are probably  staple for tablescapers...
More dishes ....
These would be pretty with a pretty summer drink with cherries and pineapple...
Those are the cow and farming dishes, I have used in the past and I know I will use again....More Warren Kimbal lighthouse dishes and cups, perfect for this summer...
These are all fun with breakfast, you can eat and read your cup.
More glasses, these aqua ones will be perfect with my shell seashore scape...

I love the star plates and had fun doing a New Years Eve was so fun and colorful...You will notice the cute Valentine dishes below.,those I have just acquired..I saw them on Susan's blog, between naps on the porch and they were at her friend Marie's house....well it was love at first sight...can't wait till Valentines Day comes around again...found on ebay...

This is my garden ladybug set and it is the cutest ever, the perfect garden party with my friends the lady bugs...
We are back inside the kitchen and this cupboard houses some of my Moms dishes and some white pieces.................

Some dishes are just waiting around for their cups to come in the mail before they can have a home...
These pretty Lenox plates will go with my everyday plates.........
This living room cabinet houses some baskets and that is where the napkins are stored, the baskets are quite large and do a great job....
You can see some of the dishes below with the baskets....

Above the frig is the depression glass, some from my Mom some from Mary and some from my sister Bobby and some I purchased...
This cabinet above the Microwave is for my best wine glasses and the ones I actually use all the time...
Love these beautiful plates, the little birdies are just so sweet....
Just perfect for a little luncheon for 4 and a spot of tea..yay
Almost forgot this little cupboard in the den with the tureens...then there is a hall glass enclosed closet that houses serving dishes pie and cake plates ect....
ok I think that will be it...I know you all have some creative places where you keep your is great when you can keep then where you can find them and actually see them and get to use them...Thanks for joining me and please leave a comment so I know you are actually out there...If you are not already a follower, come on over and follow me.....
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  1. Wow - you are so organized! No wonder you set such lovely tables :)

  2. Hi Phyllis! I'm here! Count me! :) Oh, I love your storage and what a bunch of it you have! Love all the space you have in your garage and you're so organized! Love your spots in the kitchen too! I spy a few pieces I need! Hope you're have a nice Saturday.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  3. Wow, Phyllis you are so organized. I have to go back for another look, there is lots to see and ooh and aah over here. xo

  4. Wow- Phyllis- What an amazing amount of storage. You have loads of gorgeous accessories and I love them all....I know you do, too- xo Diana

  5. glad I stopped by to see all of your organized dishes, etc...
    Now I'm a follower..hope you'll follow me too..
    Love, Mona

  6. hi Phyllis, phew, I am exhausted just trying to keep up with you! You seem to have all that great stuff exactly where you can put your hands on it which is so great. If I had to haul stuff from the basement or attic I wouldn't ever bother! I love your faux food and those numbered baskets in the side board look fabulous, what a brilliant idea for napkin storage!

  7. Wow, you have such a great collection! and you store it so well and organized...What a great post....thanks for sharing!

  8. You keep your lovelies organized beautifully! Your storage is amazing and you just gave me some nice ideas for later! I'm not that great caz I have cartons in cellars with dishes and many others, which I can't even show them, lol.. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Your collection includes such a huge variety of themes. How much fun! Those little blue and white plates stole my heart. You've captured some excellent spots for your storage, and your garage cabinets are amazing. Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

  10. Wow, lots of great storage. Your shelves look so organized, thanks for sharing.

  11. Great collection and wonderful storage! I love that cabinet in your living room!! Thanks so much for sharing all your great organization ideas!

  12. Phyllis, your storage is fabulous and I love all your pretties. I remember a past post that featured photos of your garage and I was very impressed with the organization and tidiness of it all. There's no point in having anything if you can't access it and use it. You have a dandy system going in order to use any and all for tablescapes

  13. Great storage and I love how varied your dishes are! I have trouble storing my glasses in a convenient place. Always love seeing other's dish stash!

  14. You are so lucky to have all of that storage! Thanks for sharing with us~

  15. You have fabulous storage areas, Phyllis...and so organized!
    Have a wonderful week...

  16. You look so organized! That storage in your garage is fabulous! So many pretty tablescaping things to see. It's no wonder you always do such great tablescapes. laurie

  17. I love all of your storage Phyllis! You have so many beautiful sets! The blue ones with the birds are GORGEOUS!!! I want them too:):) I have a new dish ROOM here at the new house but haven't shared it yet. have to get it all prettied up first. SO busy doing landscaping right now. XO, Pinky

  18. Wow what organization. Now you have it so right if you are going to have collections of things then you should have them so you know where they are. You get the award for best organization of your collection of treasures.

  19. I love your buffet and kitchen, but that storage in the garage is to die for. Wow, you do have a ton of beautiful dishes and accessories. Love it all. Thanks so much for joining Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  20. Phyllis,
    So many pretty dishes. I love the storage space in your home and especially the glass cabinets to display your lovelies. When we move into our final home, I want a glass cabinet to display a few of my dishes too. I think my favorite of yours is the blue pattern with the birds. I'm not sure why, but I think blue tea cups are the prettiest to me. My wedding china was in blue.

    Happy Wednesday.


  21. Wow! Thanks for the tour of your beautiful collections. I love the birdie plates too. Not only do you have a wonderful collection, it is so well organized. I love your storage cabinets. Dianne

  22. I can't imagine having all the "stuff" you have for table settings. It would be so much fun. You inspire me to be more creative when setting the table.

  23. Hi grandma! I love your blog so much! I always look at it! I'm so inspired by you, honestly it's the best thing in the world to be able to say you're my grandmother! Everyday I look at these things and it inspires me to look at the world in so many more colors and patterns! Thank you for inspiring us all! - PS you should do a fae theme. (Fairies)

    1. Thank you sweetie, it's fun to create with fun colors, I love your creations too..I think I will do some sewing, you have inspired love you gma

  24. Hi mom-
    Love the new blog post. I was visiting cherish's new blog so I thought I would pop over to yours. Boy..pretty soon dad will need to clear out the tools from the other side of the garage to make room for more dishes.

    I love you very much !
    Can't wait to read the next one

  25. Great post.... I had to have my husband look at your photos (to validate that I'm not the only one who loves dishes etc!!) Great storage ideas.... I have my crystal in (2) glass display cases in our livingroom along with other keepsakes. We also added a bank of cupboards under the window in a spare bedroom (from one wall to the other) and added shelves above - my silver and serving pieces are in these cabinets with our library of books above. Extra linens (for when the kids come to stay) are there too.

    You can't have too much storage!!!

    When I worked in retail, an operations mgr once said, if you could see air (in the stockroom), you could add more, when I moved into my husband's house when we married, I had him add shelves in every kitchen cabinet....more dishes there!!!

    Did I mention I was a tabletop department manager for 10 years???!!! I just love china, crystal and silver!!! xoxox

    Que buen gusto tienes PYLLIS!!!
    Mil gracias por compartir tus objetos y tu armonía:)))

  27. Oh-Phyllis- It is just beautiful! Thank you for finding me. I am signing up to be your newest follower and will come back when I have time and poke around some more and read some past posts. LOVE it ALL!!!!! xo Diana


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