Tuesday, September 10, 2013



I would like you to meet our relatives from Transylvania...We are soo excited to have them here..Agatha and Andrew and the twins Hattie and Hugo will be house sitting for a few weeks...and doing a little entertaining of some very famous friends....But today it's all about the pool and some rest and relaxation for their tired weary bones...
The twins sure love the water..".Agatha keep an eye on the twins"...they may not float...There goes Hugo, he thinks he is a fish...
 We could stay out here all day....
This really is the life honey but we are getting a little hungry....it feels like we haven't eaten in years...
I get the message, I will run and make us some lunch...I think I am starting to stiffen up from sitting in this chair....
Yay we are starved...I think I am getting dizzy....
I'm going I'm going..."stop pushing your sister"
 We are also watching Tina, isn't she the fatest cat you have ever seen, where we come from,she would not last long at all,  you would never see anything like this....with meat and fur all over it walking around, un heard of.....I guess that's why we love to travel to see the different cultures, this family lets the food live in the house and walk around...incredible...
 What will I make for their lunch, hummm maybe some critter bone pasta, with some tasty garden snakes for some protein...ah yes..

 Yes Pasta, doesn't that sound  delish..
It's all in the spices, that's what makes the difference....of course I will give you the recipe
2 cups of grasshopper legs
2 cups of june bug shells
1 tsp dried cockroaches
1 tbsp green grubs
1/2 cup house spiders
1/2 cup garter snakes
add to this a little white wine and stir...enjoy
Grasshopper legs and june bug shells are a huge part of this dish, that's all I can tell you, there are a few other spices I have left out because it is a cherished family recipe passed down thru the generations...if my relatives knew I shared this much they would skin me alive......

I just love this kitchen,  the wonderful touches she has added, can you believe she even has our relatives pictures up on the wall to make us feel at home, how thoughtful.  Like the picture behind me...

This is Aunt Addie and Uncle Arthur with Lily and baby Taluth and the dog Dawgh...
Back to the pasta...I must tell you in the weeks to come I will be doing some entertaining and cooking for some out of town guests the Count and Countess Bovier will be joining us for a cocktail party with some fabulous  Hord'oeurves....then a wonderful gourmet dinner party....I can't wait, I will probably need an actual chef hat for all the cooking I will be doing... 
  You won't be seeing any cobwebs and dusty dirty settings and no spider webs, I always clean up after them..they are fast though and if you are not careful they are everywhere....not in this post,not yet anyway, just because we are from Transylvania doesn't mean we are not tidy, Andrew is a stickler on that for sure...We are from the upper east side of Transylvania...that kind of living will just not be tolerated...
 Phyllis made this apron for me before she left, she said she purchased a large tablecloth at Marshals for 12.00 and made this apron, a table runner and 4 napkins out of that one piece, now that's what I call creative, the pattern is one of my favorites....

 This has been such a fun afternoon, swimming and cooking and just hanging out in the warm sunshine...I wish the Count and Countess were here now to have some of this pasta....
 Everyone likes to be in on  the cooking...it's hard to keep these little rascals in the pot....he he he
 Well I better get this dish plated up for the gang, I can hear them out there, and they sound hungry..
 nom nom nom nom ...I knew they would love this...
 Slow down sweetie, you will choke yourself....
 Yummy mommy, this is our favorite dish....
 oh no here it comes back out....
 I am doing it right mom....
 Close your mouth when you chew sweetie...you know if you don't the critters will just crawl back out and you know how you hate that...

Well it is their nap time, they are tired and full of lunch....I will have plenty of time for some reading...

Good bye for now, Please come back again in a few days I will be preparing the food for the cocktail party and you can help me select which items to serve...I brought my 100 year old family cookbook passed down from my family when they used to have the huge gatherings in the grave yard and anyone who was anyone would attend...Oh the stories they tell of the dark and scary galas, the book is truly fascinating....I will need your help for the big event....

Thank you for stopping in, it was so nice to meet you, please leave a comment so I can find you and come for a visit, I love reading all the wonderful posts...   I will be taking over for Phyllis for the next few weeks and I can't wait to come over and meet all of you, I have heard wonderful things about you all...Agatha   thestylesisters   frommyfrontporchtoyours
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  1. Oh, I love your guests and their decorating! I wish we could leave our pool open into October so I could decorate around it. Everything looks so cute! Enjoy!


  2. What a fun Halloween post, Phyllis! I may pass on the pasta, even though it has all those "good" seasonings". Love it! xo

  3. What a fun, fun post!!! I don't like scary things at all, but this was fun! You're so creative!! I do have one question, though... where did you get the tiered bottle stand on the stove? I LOVE it!! Sorry I deleted, I had to edit for spelling!

  4. She bought the spices and rack and bottles at the Goodwill Store..before she left on her trip...

  5. Talk about creative genius lol - what an amazing post - what great shots!!!
    And loving the black cat curser - the icing on the cake!!!

  6. Love this, Phyllis!!! I really love how Agatha has done her hair!!! And the apron...just gorgeous!

  7. Oh my gosh this is too funny!!! I've never thought of "doing it up for Halloween" but this is just so cute I may have to re-think things around here!
    Love your back patio, its just beautiful!


  8. oh Phyl, you didn't tell me that you were leaving on a trip. Guess I won't be stopping by to visit with your relatives.
    LOL you really outdid your self on this one - I love it!!!

  9. Oh my Gosh you gave me a good laugh with this post! Cute and clever... no bones about it!! Be careful with those houseguests, they look like they could stay an eternity!


  10. Oh my gosh!! That must have been so much fun putting this together all the giggles and laughter! Wish you had filmed it! That is the best pool party ever! Mary Anne

  11. Bonjour
    When i open the page, I brrrrrr!
    When I read...Magnifique!

  12. Haha!!!! I absolutely enjoyed reading this post...it was soooo fun!! Love your guests!

  13. This was the best! Loved it!! It must have taken you forever but it was worth it to us, the readers/viewers! Great Job!!

  14. You've got the big prize for putting the most effort into her blogs and for the most amazing imagination! This was a fantastic post!!! So much fun. WOW!

  15. What an amazing job you did on this creative post! Think I'll pass on dinner myself, lol. Thanks for the fun!

  16. Phyllis, this has to be one of the most creative post yet. What a clever girl you are! Fun, fun, fun!

  17. Totally fun and creative! And a bit creepy.

    Hope that you'll link to Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  18. The twins may not float....oh my gosh...great creative fun. Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

  19. Wow! That was so much fun. Skelatons in the pool too, and such fun running commentary. Such a hoot! Thanks. Jni

  20. A fiendish squeal of delight from me to meet your Transylvania relatives! Love the special seasonings and wonderful apron you conjured from a tablecloth!

  21. Great post! Love all the ghoulish details...wonderful.

  22. Wowza, I may never complain about my relatives again! Where ever did you get those skeletons and btw, you had WAY too much fun with them! Hilarious, I swear you thought of everything! It will be a while before I eat pasta I'm afraid, and those roaches on the stove really creeped me out! Very amazing and fun and scary and wonderful! Loved the pool scenes, thank you Phyllis!

  23. HI There Aunt Agatha!
    Can't wait to come visit you while my Parents are away! Just love pics and the blog...and what you've done with the place. You will definitely have to give me your diet tips because you are just soo bone thin compared to the last time I saw you!

    Looking forward to the cocktail party and hearing all your wonderful goolish stories about Transylvania!

    If you hear from my parents...tell them I love them Very Much!!!!

    Love, Shell

  24. You have a new follower! Love you post! Can't wait to see the rest1 We love our Skelly's!

  25. Oh Phyllis , you just made my day , the relatives are just too cute for words , what a wonderful post , thanks for sharing :)

  26. Oh for goodness sakes...how cute is this.....

  27. Now this is certainly in the spirit of things! Lots of fun! So nice that you stopped by my place! (alone) :0)

  28. Hi Phyllis!

    I must say that Agatha's boy and ghoul certainly looked like they were having fun swimming in the pool and enjoying the lovely day. And boy, can that Agatha cook! Her pasta dish looked absolutely spooktacular! Very tasty grub!

    Thanks for the fun and laughs!

  29. hahhhaaa....what fun you must have had, setting this all up. Too cute...
    Thanks for stopping by to give me a heads up on this cute post.

  30. What a clever and fun post! Agatha, you are a great hostess - almost as good as Phyllis. The twins are adorable, and your food looks delicious, with the exception of the snakes, which I'm sure would give me indigestion. Looks like you're keeping the pool, the house, and the cat in good shape. I will look forward to the cocktail party. laurie

  31. Hilarious. My favorite photo is the boy hanging on the side of the pool with his feet in the water. Too cute. You sure brought them to life.

  32. So cute! This is awesome! I have trouble viewing your whole site though!

  33. Haha!! That's awesome!.... every little detail of it! Love it.

  34. Love the clever relatives. I especially like your title picture.

  35. Hi, Phyllis,
    I sure enjoyed your "boo" tiful post today!! Very cute!! I can see you enjoy Halloween. I do, too! Thank you so much for stopping by for a visit at BunnyCottage. Have a delightful September week! Vicki

  36. Phyllis,
    This is fun! I love the skeletons. I also love the spice jars, how unique they are! I would love to trick or treat at your house! Thanks for stopping by!

  37. Absolutely too cute! Loved it! The food the the spice bottles and the creepy snakes!! They are too funny sitting by the pool. Love the hair! Great fun and very creative!

  38. Hilarious! I really enjoyed your post. I can't wait to see what other stuff your relatives will be up to this month.

  39. Oh that was so fun!!! I can only imagine how much fun you had taking this pictures.....Wonder what the neighbors thought!!! I hope you have a chance to at least fatten them up during their stay!!


  40. This is hysterical - love the time and effort you put into this to entertain all of us!!

  41. Grandma! I love it all! You inspire me to think outside of the box when I do my own decor. Thank you <3 I love all the little mice and deff love the hair on all the skeletons! Love you <3 Cher.

  42. Well, howdy do, Mrs. Bonesy! Oh, Phyllis, this is so cute and funny! Where in the world did you find a family of skeletons with wigs? This was the most imaginative post! Love the pool scene but your kitchen scene takes the cake, well the worms! :) I can't wait to see the next episode. You're amazing, my friend.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  43. OHHH my gosh!!! Wow and more wow!!! This is totally amazing!!! So hysterical!!! You should write a children's Halloween book all about this!! I love all,the skeletons! You are just amazing! Please link up tomorrow for Centerpiece Wednesday I will feature you next week in the wrap up...maybe just this because it is so amazing!!! Or I could have you be my gust blogger on Monday...whatever you choose,

    Hugs Karin

    1. Phyllis, I am highlighting only you for centerpiece Wednesday's link up. It will be live at 8pm tomorrow! I just loved all you did for this,
      Karin :)

  44. OMGosh! This is hysterical! LOVE it all... AWESOME post!

  45. What an awesome post! Absolutely love these pics:) You must be one amazingly creative gal!
    P.S. Great blog header!

  46. How funny! All I could think of was how much work this must have been to set up. They look like a bunch of freeloaders...hope they don't stay too long!

  47. Phyllis I'm totally in love with your house! I tell you what..you open your house to guests and I will bring the food over! what an awesome party we would have! Thank You so much for inviting me! I has been a pleasure, I also realized that I've been a fan of your page for quite a while now, since you made a tablescape for Easter with bunnies with serving platters if my memory serves me right! So happy you visited my blog and enjoyed my recipe with "Bones"
    Have a beautiful week and know that all the month of September is going to be Halloween Recipes in case your family here gets hungry!, lol...Hugs, Lizy at http://justdipitinchocolate.blogspot.com/

  48. Thanks for stopping by yesterday. This is the first time I've checked out your blog but your post made me laugh out loud so I'll probably be returning often. http://talenttoplay.blogspot.com

  49. Oh my word, this is unreal. I love it all. Thanks so much for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  50. This is so scary but I like your pictures *smile*.


  51. Oh My Gosh, this is fabulous!!!! How fun!!

  52. LOVE your fabulously ghoulish Halloween decor! You are truly getting into the "spirit" of things! LOL

  53. Patti I have to say you have us grinning from ear to ear at my house. My boys LOVED this!! I just purchased a skeleton to sit at our dining room table. The boys are even more excited for me to get him out. Looking forward to your future house guests posts. Thank you for joining THT!

  54. I am in halloween heaven! Love love love it and wish I lived nearby so that they could visit at my house.

    How lucky they are to enjoy that beautiful pool area.

  55. Please do come visit me and leave a trail so I can find my way back! I am loving the post, the crawling spider in the sidebar (how does one add that?) and the cat cursor!
    I would love for you to join Haunted Humpdays on Wednesdays too. Start with this post, please!

    Do not notice me as I skulk around the rest of your blog for a bit.

  56. Oh, I love, love your style!! I have always enjoyed Halloween and you have made me smile,laugh and giggle! Skeletons have always been my thing-when all of the other girls wanted to dress up like a Princess I went as a Skeleton!
    You made my week!
    Warm hugs,

  57. Wow! I'm not really into all the Halloween "creepiness," but I can appreciate how much work went into doing all this. The spider web apron is cute!

  58. OMG! You are so creative, Phyllis. Where did you get all those skeletons? Never mind, I don't think I can have them in our house because they will freak me out, lol....Christine

  59. absolutely amazing!!!!wonderful imagination!!!!ewww the food
    is scary, lol. just found your blog and will continue to enjoy.
    Carole R. ziggyr215@aol.com

  60. PYLLIS...Aisss que IMAGINACIÓN, cuanta FANTASÍA y que ambientación tan bien lograda.
    AMIGA recibe mis FELICITACIONES por tu GRANDEZA DE ESPIRITU, has bordado la FIESTA que está por llegar; y como siempre nos has sumergido en un MUNDO DE FANTASÍA como solo tu sabes hacer.
    MIL GRACIAS QUERIDA, por TODO!!! A disfrutar de la fiesta. Espero tus RECETAS!!!

  61. The joy of having guests who never stop smiling! Lucky, lucky you!

  62. OMG, this is AMAZING!!! You have staged this better than any professional would even imagine; with so many fabulous pieces for Halloween, I've never seen before!!! I am in awe of all this incredible post, my friend, I have no words for expressing what I feel, just umbelievable!!! That bunch of skeletons are incredible and your imagination is even more incredible, LOL!!! How fun too!
    Thanks for viciting my Apple post.
    Big hugs,

  63. OMG!!! This is the most amazing Halloween post !! You take the cake for the Best Halloween decor!! Love it!!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!!


  64. Had to check this one out too. So, so fun! I think the kid in you is having a blast!

  65. I'm still loving all this! I still don't know how you do it ~ :)



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