Friday, November 20, 2009


Dinner by a warm fire, what could be more comfy in the living room...This is a double sided fireplace, you have seen the den side with the white mantle, this is the other side. The dinner plates are from Tj max, they do have beautiful coordinating salad plates, I don't know why I didn't get the salad plates, I'll probably have to go back and get them... anyway, come on in because I made this dinner just for us.....

The tall crystal candleholders are from my friend Joumana, so sparkly and pretty, they are from Crate and Barrel. The cute little owls are from my friend Tiffany, I think they are from Pottery Barn and last but not least the lovely little yellow depression glasses are from my friend it is nice to have such good friends..... like you .....

The plates are just so striking, I didn't want to do too much layering, I think they might even be pretty in the summer time, they are made by Royal Stafford and were a recent purchase... I knew you would love them.... you have such good taste...

We're going to start out with something I just know your gonna love...
MMMMMmmmm This is a Mandarin Orange Martini with a candied orange slice for garnish I have made for us..
3 oz. Vodka or (mandarin orange vodka) by Absolute Vodka
1/2 oz. triple sec
1 dash orange bitters/put everything in shaker with ice/shake to chill and strain into martini glass...
Use orange sugar to rim the glass and drop a couple of pinches in the glass for sweetness and the orange color...and of course I like to use the individual martini shakers to top off the drinks...shakers are from Home Goods purchased last year... you know how you love them..Martini glasses are from Pottery Barn...

Just enjoy the fire, yes it has been a long day... I hope the big comfy chairs are to your liking, it's important to feel settled in, don't you think?

These little yellow glasses are just so delicate and cute... I know you will be careful with them....

It is difficult to take pictures in the living room because of the mirror on the fireplace. This is a fireplace front remodel that we have not tackled yet, while making the room look larger, it still has that dated look. Mr. S. and I know exactly what to do, and that is as far as he have gotten into this project...wheres the mantle, you just have to have a mantle.....he makes me laugh...

Sure you can have a few grapes.....

Have some pomegranate too... or you can just wait for the dinner..

The living room opens up to the deck as does the bedroom and den... You'll have to come by this summer when we will be spending alot of time outside by the pool and the outside fireplace. I love it when you come over for a visit...

Yes the individual martini shakers are cute, just the right size I have some good ideas about what to get you for Christmas....

These candle holders are perfect for the drippy candles to catch any overflow, sometimes I really like the drippy candles, they do look so pretty forming all the shapes on the candle, everyone looks better in candlelight...........isn't that what they always say.....

I think my sister Bobbie gave me the two little birds, they are just so cute, I know you love all birds too....

The small green plate under the sherbet cup is depression glass, just a little extra color that I know you always prefer...

I better serve the dinner before you get too hungry, however I have enjoyed all your wonderful stories, I always love catching up...

The sherbet cup we will use later for some warm bread pudding with a vanilla bean sauce...Yes I know it is one of your favorites...

whoo hoo whoo hoo....

I will be right back with our dinner, now that we are all warmed up....

Thank you so much for joining me this evening for our dinner by the fire....I love it when you visit and can stay awhile. Please leave a comment so I know someone else is out there. I always love to know what you think.. Just click on the word comment located at the end of each post. Stop by next week and I will have my tree up and some new surprises.... Stop by my friend bj's blog @sweetnothings for a great recipe and just a good time, I love her blog. Thanks Susan @betweennapsontheporch for hosting today......Phyllis


  1. Oh wonderful! This is so delightful ...and now that I've had my martini ....and a delicious meal...and I'm sitting by the nice warm eyes are I'll just catch a few winks....and dream about your lovely dishes......

  2. I always feel as if you are in the room telling me a story! I love the plates, the martini sounds wonderful and I love bread pudding. Thanks so much for inviting me. Have a wonderful holiday weekend.


  3. Your table is so lovely and inviting, Phyllis!! I love it. The dishes are gorgeous, I love anything with birds and your glassware is awesome. The martini recipe sounds divine...I'd love to try it in the summer.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


  4. Phyllis, you did a wonderful job with this! Those plates are adorable. Love them! And I think this looks like the perfect place to relax and enjoy.

    Happy Tablescape Thanksgiving Thursday!


    Sheila :-)

  5. So inviting and lovely with the glow of the candles and fire....the bird plates are charming and I can see many a table setting using them. Have a wonderful holiday!


  6. Love, love, looove your table!...and the food sounds good too,,,,I don't drink so could I have some 7 UP? I want to use the glasses...the sugared rims will do just fine too...

  7. This is beautiful, Phyllis! I love those top dishes and your glassware is gorgeous.

  8. Thanks Phyllis, I feel like I have just enjoyed the most elegant dinner in the coziest of surroundings.

  9. Hi Phyllis, What a beautiful table you have set... Love the plates with the birds... Just beautiful...Happy Thanksgiving to you and your Family my Friend

  10. very pretty! we do have the same taste, i have your bench and bird dishes, and now you want to know where i got my pom dishes!

    they are by oneida, i got them about 18 months ago directly from a factory store in ny, a friend bot them for me and the store shipped them to me for only $15, i got a full set of 8, it weighed a ton! its a 4 piece fruit set with pears, apples and peaches too~

    hope you have good luck finding them, but meanwhile, HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

  11. What a gorgeous table!!! Thanks for stopping by my Tablescape too!! Happy Thanksgiving! God Bless!

    ~Nana (Dawn)

  12. What a beautiful table! I love the plates and sparkling glasses. So very pretty... Dee Dee

  13. Gorgeous table! I love all the warm, rich colors...perfect for the season. The fire is the finishing touch. Thanks for sharing!

  14. Oh how beautiful. So much sparkly! Hope you day was wonderful.
    be a sweetie,

  15. Beautiful! I bought those plates this year, too, and I think they're my favorite of all my dishes! I don't know why I didn't get more than four...and why I didn't get the salads. I use them with the same chargers as you did.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  16. "Fire & Ice"....I kept thinking "Fire & Ice" as I scrolled through your lovely photos, Phyllis! Such sparkle yet a great deal of warmth, too.
    You did a fantastic job of creating a special mood beside the fireplace.

    The martini glasses are beautiful, especially with your orange sugared rims. I'll have to remember that & I will be trying out your recipe.
    Thanks for sharing that as well as your beautiful home & play things. :)


  17. Your pictures are just stunning. And the table is gorgeous! Love all the glasses!

  18. I love allthe shimmer in your tablescape! it is so pretty and inviting!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  19. Beautiful. I'm all comfy, cozy and warm now. I'll just enjoy dinner slowly like it's supposed to be.

  20. Oh Phyllis, this is a very lovely table! So warm and inviting. I have the salad plates, do you want to send me your dinner plates? J/K!...Christine

  21. Wow, wish I was there! I do hope you actually used the setting, and did not pack it away after the photos. It is too pretty to be wasted! Loved the way you juxtaposed the glassware with different shapes ann sizes!!!!

  22. The Mandarin Orange Martini, a beautiful table setting, a roaring fire on a cold night....It just does not get any better. Thanks for inviting us.

  23. I love your bird plates, and that flatware is to die for. Beautiful post.

  24. Love all your tables.. I think my green plates may be depression glass. I will have to look it up..

  25. your table is always beautifully laid out, it kinda has me wishing i used mine more when i still had one.
    Unfortunately i only have a coffee table now .

  26. This is absolutely gorgeous. I love the glassware. And the owl, to boot!


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