Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Valentine Baking YUMMY

Little cherry cakes, aren't they just the sweetest...I was inspired a couple of  years ago by Susan from Between naps on the porch, she made these sweet things only with a raspberry jam on top...The pan is from Michaels.  I bought it back then and had all intentions of making these pretty little things and it just did not happen, you know how that goes...well we're here now and since Mr. S. loves cherries, this is the perfect time to use these hearts...

I think the brand of the pan is Nordic, and if you use the 40% off coupon it's a pretty good deal...The heart cakes are a simple pound cake...I first spray the inside of the pan with Pam (baking) wow don't you just love that oils and flours the pan in an easy spray, love it...The topping can be what ever you like, today I have chosen Comstock Cherry Pie filling....The beautiful cake plate was a gift from my friend Mary.

I thought a cherry Martini would be perfect with these little cakes...The bird bowl in the background, always seems to come out for romantic occasions...If you are a follower you will remember that I really wanted the italian bird bowl with the large white love birds sitting on the edge...I was just obsessed looking for that bowl, well when I finally found it, I couldn't believe it was 750.00.....I almost choked...lets say it together, bird bowl 750.00...hard to say without hard to justify that kind of a purchase....

So I decided I could put together something that would satisfy my desire for this bowl...I found this large white bowl with flat sides at TJ Maxx and then I was on the prowl for the important that the white porcelain white tones match..I found them in a hospital gift shop and in a small antique mall in the city of Orange...I glued them on and have used this bowl  ever since, I love it as much now as when I put it together...and just think I saved 725.00 yayayayayay

You gotta love them, their watching the candles float by...

Let me assure you these do taste as good as they look...Mr. S. just devoured one of them....

If you are counting there use to be six of these little beauties, see how they just disappear even while I am taking the pictures...

Well you can't blame us, it is such a treat to have desserts

The crystal goes with all the other sparkly things on the table for a fun playful look....

come on Mr. S. lets get started on this martini, it is not gonna drink it's self you

This one is for you my sweet....

They love the candles flickering in the evening, and the pretty pink and red hearts in the bottom of the bowl....makes for the perfect night light.

Hope your getting some ideas for your special Valentine.....


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  1. Phyl - love the post and I'll be right over for a cherry tart (if Mr. S left any) and after the day I had yesterday two martini's would be fine.
    Great job on the post!

  2. You had me at the martini - lol!! You are a clever girl to think of making your own bird bowl - brilliant! The cakes look wonderful and I would much prefer cherries to raspberries. Beautiful post - thanks for sharing!

  3. Hi Phil,Beautiful post the cherries tart look so good and your bird bowl is wonderful.

    Conxita :)

  5. Hi,
    Wow... I really intend to bring the idea of the bird's bowl. I love it.

    The muffins aren't bad either, ain't they? So pretty around you house.

    Happy TS,
    /CC girl

  6. Lovely post. I just think those heart shaped cakes are delightful. Now I'll have to go looking for those little pans too!

  7. Ooooh these little cakes are not only adorable but they look scrumptious too! They look so beautiful for your guests...when can I come over? Heheh thanks for linking up!

  8. You've really made my day with this blog. So fabulous! Now I'm motivated to do my own Valentine's Day decorating.

  9. Your little bird plate turned out darling! And the desserts, YUM! I should get one of those pans. You have a perfectly romantic scene happening here. The floating candle is the perfect touch!

  10. You have a very nice blog and a beautiful home. I'm your newest follower.

    Hugs from Sweden

  11. mmmmm the martini sounds lovely! and i love your little floating candles!

    stopping by via myromantichome and invite you to pop over when you have a moment to hang out, dream, reflect, and see the lovely:

    smiles to you.


  12. What a pretty Valentine's treat. I might go see if I can find a pan like that -- my hubby also loves cherries.

    Love the story of your bowl. Saving $750 is always a good thing!

  13. Oh my gosh, I have the pan! Your cakes are adorable, I am sure mine won't be as cute but I am going to give them a shot! Thanks for the inspiration. Love your creativity in saving over $ are my kind of gal. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Hello
    Nice that you are a follower of my blog, and now i follow your
    What a lovely cakes you done And a wonderful blogg ,I should now take time and look around in your home
    Have a nice day

  15. Oh my, Phyllis, I don't know where to begin! You have a beautiful home/blog. Love the white dish with the bird, your hearts are so lovely, and I wish I had one of those mini cakes right now. Thanks for stopping by, and I am following you right back. xo

  16. Phyllis, I do love this post. So full of inspiration. Those little cakes are to die for and your blog is just the cutest. The bird bowl is genious. Thank you for visiting my blog becoming a follower. It is truly appreciated. I am now following you too. Have a wonferdul week.

  17. Phyllis, I'm afraid if I'd been at your house, I would have eaten all of those pretty cakes before you finished photographing them. They look delicious. You are so clever to have glued those birds onto that bowl. It looks beautiful. laurie

  18. The cakes look so good, and the bowl came out great!
    Here from Seasonal Sundays!
    Happy Val Day!


  19. Thanks for your visit to My Cozy Corner. You are so generous with your comments. I love your blog. It looks beautiful and your strawberry dessert is to die for...

  20. Your little cherry heart pound cakes are so sweet!

  21. I'm so happy you stopped by my blog for a visit! I see you're all ready for Valentine's Day! Those heart cakes look absolutely delicious!


  22. Martinis and pound for me! (Although, I haven't really had a martini since 1966. I thought they tasted like kerosene.) I'm going to go buy one of the Nordic cake pans...your cakes look delightful! The Italian bird bowl...was it Mottahedeh. Mottahedeh makes a great white tureen with a beautiful white bird on top. It's called "Musee Decoratif" and it sells for about $750.00. I mention it because if you keep your eye out on eBay, it occasionally shows up for a really good deal. I just bought one for $125.00....pretty much a great get. If you want to check it out, just google Mottahedeh Bird Tureen. You'll know it when you see it. It comes in two sizes. Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Happy Valentine! Cherry Kay


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